“I was fortunate to have tried Yogic Nectar before it was released to the general public. As a ‘Guinea Pig,’ it was a wonderful opportunity because I could be completely objective about the results.  
I didn’t know what to expect, but began taking it as instructed: dissolving two teaspoons in a cup of warm water. It was a little challenging at first because at the time, the taste was a little bitter (now however, they have added mango as a sweetener). Immediately, I noticed gradual changes: my body responded slowly; nothing dramatic, but my whole system started to realign step by step.*
My elimination patterns also changed, and I felt lighter, more energetic, and much more able to accomplish my daily tasks. I even began sleeping less as I had more energy.
A few months later, I attended a Siddha Therapist Training Retreat in Penang and was again the ‘Guinea Pig’ for the Pulse Reading Technique. Our mentor had all the participants reading each others pulses, during the exercise we discovered that I had a perfect Tri-Dosha balance (very rare in Western world). I was delighted to hear this for it had always been an unattainable goal of mine in the past. In addition to the Yogic Nectar, I maintain a daily Siddha-based spiritual practice, which further balances my body, mind, and spirit.  When I received a first box of Yogic nectar, I noticed on the Yogic Nectar label that the possible benefits are the balancing of the three doshas*, and I was living proof that it works!
I am very grateful to our Masters,who made this amazing product available for everyone. I recently tried the new, improved formula with mango and it tastes great and smells Divine!”
     – Masha Penson
*As per the human anatomy and physiology, deranged tridoshas (three humors) are the main contributing reasons for all the diseases in human beings. According to the Indian traditional medical therapies, tridosha is the disproportion of three constituents in the body. These three constituents regulate the body functions and the imbalance leads to many disorders in the body system. Vatha, Pitha and kapha are the three basic components, which are made up of five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These three doshas co-exist in every cell of the human body and thus, function accordingly. Vatham, made up of Space and Vayu, controls the nervous system. Pitham, formed by Fire, directs the metabolic activities of the body, digestion, absorption, heat, etc. Kapham, formed by Earth and Water, controls the permanence of the human body. The imbalance of the three doshas engraves various diseases in the body. In the Indian traditional medical therapies, the balance of the three doshas (humors) is compulsory to maintain a healthy state of mind and body. Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha are the traditional therapies that work for the balance and revitalization of the body