I really enjoy doing all practices, giving Jothi Blessing Deekshas, initiating IB Mantras… I feel like im flying, flying somewhere, where problems and troubles don’t exist!.. Somewhere, where Love rules, where Peace and Harmony are! I call it “my world”)) I love being there!
And I noticed my life changed. And my view on the LIFE as concept changed also. It’s like I was born just after retreats, like Our Pranashakty Gurus opened my eyes and I began to see and perceive everything otherwise. I’m enjoying every day in my life, every breath I take, every flower I see, everyone I meet, every moment I live… That’s wonderful))))))))) Im very thankful to our Masters!))))

– Sri Lalitha Jothi kumari ( Sasha )

Now, some Inner Beauty experiences:

All “new” Goddesses are more than happy and satisfied! They feel and see how do Inner Beauty mantras work; they noticed changes in body and face, everyone sees “outer beauty” and feels “inner beauty”. People turn to them, to solve problems…
When I did the Inner Beauty initiation I really saw how Goddesses were awaking inside! First I was shocked and surprised))) I gave a bow to every Goddess revealed inside of women, it was great!))))

Inner Beauty Master Teacher  Sasha

Anand Siddhi Healing:

People have thousand of feelings)))
Galina Kowun: “Anand Siddhi – is miraculous energy! Im very thankful to Pranashakty Gurus, to Acharyas in Uzbekistan. This energy really heals! But if I did Anand Siddhi meditation befor sleeping I cant sleep at night, that’s why I do it in the morning. After Inner Beauty  and Anand Siddhi Healing I began to love myself!))))”

: “It works instantly! I’m swimming in Energies! I healed my daughter from radicular pain. I worked with her 2 hours and didn’t feel tired! The most important thing is person who gets healing doesn’t have to hesitate!!! Then it really works!”

“I see and feel this Energy. Formerly I was unfulfilled – no emotions, no feelings. Now after initiations I chant Mantra ask Devine to help me and wait… Then begin transformations, work with lower chakras, all centers begin to work…”

: “I’m living in bliss now! All my wishes and dream come true! I get the fruition, I helped, healed all my family members! All Mantras are very porewful!”

Galina Sutyagina
:  “ My inner child is so happy… Im blissful, im laughing)) Thanks for every moment! My soul is singing!.. What about Inner Beauty, I see result on my face. In the morning I see myself in the mirror, after chanting mantras I see absolutely another person, whose face is like child’s face! I’d never do mesotherapy on my face, what for if I have so powerful Mantras