Sri Pranaji and Sri Pranaraj, along with some students,  recently visited the house where  Swami Ramlingam spent more than 30 years of his life.
The area is named as Vallalar Nagar in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
Swamiji was brought here when he was 6 months old. During his teenage he used to the mirror meditation in  the room upstairs….the place where Swamiji had first vision of Lord Murgan…
Downstairs… the veranda where  the Goddess fed Vallalar in the form of  his sister-in-law….around the house, the lanes where Swamiji used to roam and sing songs in praise of God…. This is the place where so many milestones in Swamiji’s life happened…
Everyone was very much excited to visit this place with great history and spiritual value… but looking at the present condition of the house we felt so sad and upset. The pictures below show the reality of  a place of heritage  and spiritual value in poor condition.

i was surprised how can people  in India overlooked this great monument and full of value to future generation. It is very sad, we see how this place become normal house until all the great vibration created by Swamiji through  his sadhana and i believe this is the place where Swamiji get his ashtma siddhi. – Sri Pranaji


All of us, the followers of Swamiji’s teachings,  lets join hands together and help to bring back the glory and dignity of this place. So that the Indian Government declare this place as National heritage.

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We need help of net citizen to show support for the initiative to restore the holy house by way of declaring the house as heritage site, we need 1 million likes to push this news  to Government of  Tamilnadu.



Swamiji's meditation room - upstairs