First of all, I want to express my gratitude to Masha Penson for conducting Siddha Inner Power & Siddha Inner Beauty   – level one and three NCRP (Neuro Cell Rebirth Process) therapies from August 10 to August 12 at Long Branch, NJ. I am also gratefull to the “Holy Siddha Master Teachers of Malaysia” who introduced these wonderful classes and many more classes and therapies to Masha.

Stella Maris Retreat Center was a special place for developing these classes and therapies. I loved the place closed to the beach so quiet to practice our eight Shakti Payerchi anaerobic exercises early in the morning. This place has a wonderful landscape to take picture, walk, and rest or contemplate (meditating) inside and outside Stella Maris Retreat Center property. Very beautiful and quiet place!!!

I joined this retreat knowing that I will learn a little bit about the ancient secrets of the Siddha Masters. I knew from my deepest heart that I will learn to protect, heal, and slow down my aging process and release blockages of my current life. I liked so much these powerful classes and the NCR therapy. I could see the glow of Jothi on her face of a lady who took this class before. I knew that these ancient practices could help me to improve my body system.

I had beautiful experiences joining this retreat. My meditations were deeper and I was aware of sensations that I felt or I saw during my activations. During the Inner Beauty activation, I felt touched my face. I had sensation to scratch my entire face during the meditation because my entire face itch me starting for my nose, chin, lips, eye lip and forehead. Then, I felt that thru my crown chakra was penetrating “energy or vibration” and from there to my entire body.  Also, I felt pulse points in the middle of my hands like having a little heart beating. During the Inner Power activation rather than see the golden light that I saw during the meditation, I saw the purple light color that started on my left feet and passed thru my entire body. This was a beautiful experience. Walking to the kitchen area, I got a sharp pin and I pinched my right arm many times. Nothing happened, I got a red color on my arm because I pinched many times but “zero” blood came out. I had no visible marks because it disappeared on Sunday. What can I say about the three daily NCR programs? These were powerful therapies!! I programmed myself not to add “drama” during my therapies. In fact, I don’t need to cry for past events or traumas in different stages of my life even they hurt me a lot. The past is over. I was conscious about what happened to me, what hurt me and I was releasing and forgiving those who hurt me most. I remember during the last therapy I felt my body heavy as when I was out of my body once. Many times my body wanted to go I don’t know where but, I resisted hard and I was listening Masha instructions. Every time I released and forgave, energy was spread out on my face as if I won a prize. This was absolutely amazing!!! I didn’t expect to receive extra- energy every time I forgave somebody. However, I liked and enjoyed this experience.


I returned home more than happy, lighter and in peace. I didn’t receive any comments at home, but I know that I returned different because my retreat with Sri Deepa Jothi Ma. One more time, I want to express my gratitude to Masha for all my initiations and the therapies that I received during the retreat and a special gratitude to the Siddha Masters.

Carol Araujo, USA