Jothi Body of Light – 2, Kundalini shaktipath  & Youth program (morning) –  26 to 27  2011
Siddha Inner Power 1,2  &  Siddha Inner Beauty 1,2 – Sunday Aug 28 10:00 am – 6:00pm

Location Conference Center at

Residence Inn by Marriott

7 Boroline Road

Saddle River, NJ 07458


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Siddha Inner Power – level 1

Sunday, August 28 at 8:30am – August 29 at 4:30am

Techopark Club, Technopark

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), India

Contact – +919745855545

email –

About Siddha Inner Power

Siddha Inner Power is a journey to a better and indestructible you. Come join us, along with the thousands around the world, and experience tremendous positive changes in your lives, through our Siddha Inner Power retreats. Inner Power is the most revolutionary, and only proof of methodology based system that enables one to access the resident inner power to the fullest. It is different from all other systems of Inner Power because it gives you the Ayam Shield.

The miraculous Aayam Shield that makes you incorruptible by any negativity

SASI’s Siddha Inner Power is a unique system that not only allows you to access this enormous power sleeping within you but also to use positively for self-defense, to improve your immune system, to rejuvenate your entire body, for healing and to help prevent aging (The Kayakalpa effect).

For more info:

Kundalini Shaktipath & Deepening

Day: Sept 30th 2011 Friday 7pm to 10pm.

Contact: Phone: 04 3576676


Dubai, Sept 30th 2011

Anyone who follows a spiritual/energy practice very seriously and is above 15 years of age can attend.  After receiving Kundalini Shaktipath, the person can continue to do the practices that he had been following.

Every spiritual aspirant has to go through some inevitable stages of development, no matter which path he follows. Those stages are common to every human being because our energy system and spiritual  bodies are similar. Kundalini awakening forms one such event that forms the start of an elaborate and complex process of transformation. After the awakening, the aspirant is never the same. He gets access to many realms, since then development happens automatically.