Feedback from participants

John O’Brien on the benefits that I obtain from the Tuesday nights SSS Group Yoga/Meditation program, which I am pleased to provide as follows:

  • Enhances my clarity of thought and calms the mind.
  • Provides a circuit breaker to daily stress
  • Is a good social outlet to meet and mix with other people interested in esoteric philosophies.
  • Has good physiological as well as psychological benefits.

I have participated in Yoga and Meditation with a number of different organisations and find that the approach that you take to be one of the best with measurable cumulative benefits.

Kind Regards.

John L O’Brien


Kiran Aravind –This really works, provided our efforts should be there !


Healing with Bliss workshop a healing experience.

Last Saturday I attended a Healing with Bliss workshop held in the most beautiful garden setting.  We were surrounded by flowering trees, shrubs and roses and just to make it unforgettable the birds sang to us all morning. The wind whistled and the wind chimes tinkled while the S.S.S. was taught, Chakras were balanced and participants were attuned to Ananda Siddhi energy.  Participants then practiced giving and receiving the energy, myself included. I found the experience to be totally uplifting, blissful. Afterwards I felt very peaceful, relaxed and joyful.

Since being a student of Etching at Art College in 1977 where I spent hours bent over acid baths to attend my printing plates unaware that I was breathing in acid fumes. Consequently I have had a very poor sense of smell for over 30 years.  To my surprise, the following morning I could smell the seasoning from dinner the night before on my husband’s skin, something I was never aware of before.  He always showers before bed so this was not residual restaurant odour. I could smell the chlorine in the shower water, very unusual. My sense of taste has also heightened. I now taste the subtleties of the food that I eat rather than just experiencing the textures.

A dimension of senses has returned to me that I thought lost forever.

I had no expectation of any healing occurring. I attended to assist rather than receive. What a totally unexpected blessing!


Hey Helen

I had the most wonderful time I was in Bliss just being with such beautiful people I came home feeling in such a good space.

Thanks Penny   Healing with Bliss work shop


I recently attended the Healing with Bliss workshop & found it very beneficial. I came away feeling less stressed, at peace, & quite blissful.

After the chakra activations I was amazed at the level of energy I could feel through my hands. A very pleasant experience in all.