“Siddha medicine is not only about herbs that are converted to some chemical formula but it is also about understanding that the herb has energy that can restore and rejuvenate [the] complex biological system of human body, mind and spirit.”     — Sri Pranaji

Siddha Medicine: Science & Energy

“…the most powerful effect of IB [Inner Beauty] has been the sense of bliss and peace that I now have…a certain something that exists inside. “ — Inner Beauty Client, Australia

The powerful nucleus at the core of all Inner Beauty products is the unparalleled traditional medical system from Tamil Nadu, South India—the Siddha System of Medicine. “Siddha” stems from the word “Siddhi,” meaning “attainment, perfection or heavenly bliss”. The Siddha system has been practiced for over 3000 years by the Siddhars, ancient holy sages, making it the world’s oldest medical system from which all other medical systems are based.

The Siddhars taught the world that our body is a mineral-made structure housing a vibrant life force composed of energetic pathways and mechanisms. In modern day society, most herbal cures and remedies have been reduced solely to using the herbs as a source of nutrients and minerals, disregarding their original energetic properties.

Understanding the energetic properties of our natural world is essential for giving a completely transformative medical and holistic treatment. The Siddha system has mastered both preventive and curative treatments which counter degenerative changes that lead to aging, through harnessing the natural antioxidant activity of the herbs.

“Soft music playing, incense burning, many-coloured curtains fluttering by the firelight, my face is being gently massaged into a younger more youthful glowing visage, a totally relaxing and invigorating experience. My skin feels soft and smooth, looking many years younger. Comments are made: ‘You are glowing. What are you doing?’ [Response:] ‘Inner Beauty… You should try it. It is fantastic!’” — Helen, Inner Beauty Client

Inner Beauty products have pioneered the restoration of the complete Siddha System of Medicine by once again integrating the energetic and herbal benefits of holistic treatments, producing a unique line of herbal beauty products and treatments that are still infused with the vital energies that each herb had while it was a growing plant.

As an Inner Beauty practitioner, I have used these products on myself and with my clients, and have only received positive feedback and proven results. As my Australian colleague states:

“I feel really privileged to be an IB practitioner/teacher. To be able to give IB treatments and see the joy on people’s faces as they realise what it’s doing for them. I can attest to these benefits. I feel wonderful in myself…I have more energy and I feel lighter inside. My skin is soft and smooth and has a glow to it. An added bonus is that wrinkles are smoothing out and certain dark spots are nearly no longer there!”

Inner Nectar by AuraDefence.

Produced from an ancient Siddhar secret formula, Inner Nectar— used in conjunction with a breathing exercise and special mantra—purifies the physical body and its energetic system. Inner Nectar is made from honey and 42 naturally growing herbs harvested in a sacred manner by indigenous peoples living in the deep jungles of Asia. It is free of added sugars, fats, colouring, chemicals, drugs and flavour.
Inner Nectar eliminates all free radicals from the body, thus preventing cell and organ damage caused by accumulated toxins found in free radicals. It cleanses all the nadis (energetic pathways) in the body’s energetic system and prevents and removes acidic build-up in the body’s joints. It increases the Base Metabolic Rate of the body and leads to weight-loss while reducing high blood pressure. It also improves blood circulation and thyroid function and balances the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and the body’s hormones. Inner Nectar can cure major diseases such as diabetes.

One Inner Beauty customer from Vancouver Canada, after completing the practice of ingesting the Inner Nectar product for the recommended 3 months, commented:

“My skin loved it!!! The first thing I noticed was what kind of an exquisite product it is! Just from the feel and the happy response I felt when I used it for the first time. And I mean especially energetically! I noticed inflammation going down. I am not someone to recognize a lot of changes and effects of things I do…. but my feeling is one of deep releasing and rebuilding. I can only say I love it.”

The ancient wisdom and power of Inner Nectar is manifested threefold, through:

  • Herbs: The 42 secret and powerful herbs
  • Vasi Yogam (a breathing exercise which is the source of Prana or vital energy) in conjunction with the herbs
  • Mantra Diksha: chanted and applied while taking the product. The Mantra Diksha activates your chakras and the spiritual energy that will implement and assist the overall healing process. The energetic vibrations of the living plant were transferred to the mantra by the Siddha masters before the drying process.  Thus, when Inner Nectar is ingested with the mantra, the power and energy of the raw herbs are ingested as well.

Inner Beauty’s Mahalakshimi Mangala Shakti Oil by AuraDefence

The Mangala Shakti oil is one of the most amazing and thoroughly multi-purpose oils created by Siddha Yogis. When used during simple daily practice, it will cleanse negative energies and confer happiness, magical happenings, power, wealth and prosperity, career advancement, business success, abundance, general blessings, physical attraction, charisma, an authoritative bearing, self-confidence, a powerful aura, attractiveness, and more.

The oil is a good medium for healing as it possesses tremendous pranic energies. You will find that your prayers are answered dramatically or your mental creations manifest successfully.

Feedback from one client in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada:

“Since I started to use the oil, I have had a couple of interesting experiences. I had a dream that I was in some kind of an event and there was a palm-reader lady. She asked if I wanted to ask something. I told her that I am in [a] cross roads right now and I’m not sure which road I should take; the creative and artistic one which is close to my heart, but financially unsecure or the more sensible one of going back to school and maybe working a bit… She said that I shouldn’t take either of those roads, but a third one. Unfortunately she didn’t tell me what it is!”

“In real life I ended back going to school and so chose the more secure and sensible way, although I feel that I can incorporate arts in what I’m studying right now, which is good. But the dream made me realize that there could be a ‘third way’ as well and maybe I just have to keep my eyes open… Somehow I also feel that since I have used the oil, people look at me differently, as if they see me better, or maybe they take note of me more than before and they also seem friendlier.”

For the full Inner Beauty Product listing, please visit: http://auradefence.com/inner-beauty/products/index.php

“My skin looks and feels so different after Inner Beauty. But best of all is the way I feel in myself. The Aura Detox [Therapy] has made me feel so much more peaceful and I feel I’m able to cope more with life’s little hiccups. I love the way I look and feel… This is very special”.  — Lorena, Australia

All Inner Beauty products will be even more powerful and beneficial if used in conjunction with Aura Detox Therapy. Please email info@auradefence.com to find an Aura Detox Practitioner/Inner Beauty Product Vendor and Specialist near you.

“After several IB [Aura Detox Therapy] treatments my skin has a noticeable glow and it feels softer and smoother. So much so that people often comment and ask me what sort of products I use. It’s not only about your skin though. IB has made me feel peaceful. Things don’t worry me as much as they used to and I don’t stress so often which is fantastic!”  — Wendy, Australia

Article by

Sri Jothi Veeram Ma (Sara Kuhn), Canada