The core belief of The Pranashakty Group is based on Swami Ramalingam’s teachings with spiritual guidance from Swami Ramalingam and Shirdi Ba Ba.

Swami Ramalingam, known as Saint Vallar, was a famous Indian Saint from Tamil Nadu in the south of India. Swami Ramalingam remained practically unknown until the last few years when The Pranashakty Centre for Spiritual Sciences has taken his teachings out into the world. Swami’s experiences and realizations are highly relevant to this perplexed modern world.

His teachings of universal brotherhood embrace not only all men and women, but all living beings and the ultimate fate of man/women and the universe.

Swami was born on the 5th of October 1823 in a place called Marudur near Chidambarm south of India in Tamil Nadu. He was the 5th child and last son of Ramiah and Channanmayar, who were a Hindu family.

Swami Ramalingam was born and blessed by the Dive Grace also known as Arut Perum Jothi which means, vast grace light.

           Swami wrote over 6000 verses and poems though out his life on the Arut Perum Jothi and Deathlessness. This is how he recorded his teachings. He was said to have done all his writing in the dead of the night. Swami’s poems are completely for the people, so people can live a happy life in the world. e.g. “No sooner the light was perceived, happiness prevailed on me. The sweet nectar was tasted by me as soon as the Great Grand Light (Arut Perum Jothi) became visible”.

          His family soon realized from this experience as they had God’s gift, Swami Ramalingam.

At       At a young age, after the death of his parents, Swami went to temples where he recited poems and sang songs in praise of the presiding Deities. It is said that the young Swami’s voice was rare and beautiful.

At       After the death of his wife at the age of 29, Swami became fully absorbed and devoted his time to worship and performing offerings to the almighty from his inner mind. His mortal frame was filled with Divine Love, and the joy overpowered him which made him sing ethereal songs in praise of the Lord by the Divine Grace, Arut Perum Jothi.

For people that were to worldly, he sang songs of advice. He sang that human life is wonderful and this life shouldn’t be wasted on acquiring material wealth. He also said that it is madness if people do not think about death, which is a sure event in each individual’s life. They do not know what they are here for, or where they are going after this life.

          Swami’s advice to them is to realize God and escape from the dangerous trap “Death”.

          This life is given in order to help others and to share the suffering of others.

          Swami was blessed with the knowledge of all arts and skills and gifted with the abilities and talents to perform miracles and Siddhis (wondrous deeds).  He could walk in rain and not get wet. His body didn’t create a shadow. He had the ability to restore life to the dead. Swami could appear in two places simultaneously.

          In many of his verses Swami confirms he has attained the Triple Light Bodies and all the Siddhis.

Swami worshiped God as light (Jothi).   The light gave Swami great strength and power to serve all in their suffering. He never used his powers for selfish gain. His only wish was to be an embodiment of compassion. “When the self is in communion with a higher power, nature automatically obeys the will of man, but must never be missed used” he said. It is written that Swami was a meek, humble loving and gentle, simple man. He was what he uttered and he uttered what his father spoke within him. He was a man of love and great compassion for all living creatures. He was said to weep at a wilting crop.

Under the guidance of Swami, a unique philosophy called the Suddha Sanmarga (the enquiring path) evolved. This is based on truth and takes in all the aspects of all religions and has no hatred towards any religion. Swami explained that his life’s mission was to show a way to the good life on this earth not to create a new religious sect or school of philosophy. He said that all religious practices are meaningless if they are not based upon love.        

Swami was a firm believer that no one should go hungry and set up a food house for the poor which is still up and running today. The original fire that Swami lit in the food house still burns today.

          Swami’s main mission of is selfless service to all human beings. Swami said when man develops compassion towards his fellow man, he is said to prepare the ground for Divine Grace. Without Divine Grace abiding love for source is not possible.

          Swami insisted on universal brotherhood and that it should be the only relationship amongst living beings. He asked people to set aside all their differences and live in peace and harmony, and to live as one family unit. One should view everyone as himself.

His philosophy stated:-

1. Give food to fellow beings when they suffer from hunger, thirsty, disease, ignorance, poverty and fear.

 2. Refrain from killing and taking flesh should be avoided at all cost.

Go     3. God is the one and only one, and should be worshipped in the form of Vast Grace Light.

4. It should be the aim of every person to aspire to the immortal state while here on earth by transmuting his physical body into a transparent deathless one (light body).

 In 1874 at the age of 51, Swami Ramalingam achieved The Diseaseless Body- seen not as liberation from mater and body, but as transfiguration by which man is merged in the transcendent life and light of the Godhead.

Having secluded himself in final preparation for dissolution of his physical body, he locked himself in his room and gave orders that the room wasn’t to be opened under any circumstances.

          Three months after he locked the doors, news reached the Madras government as forecasted by Swami. Officials came to investigate, the doors were ordered open and they found no one inside. The official who walked around the room recorded a sweet fragrance; there was no foul smell of a decomposed body so foul play was ruled out. It was proclaimed that Swami had achieved the unachievable without discarding his physical body he had dematerialized. Swami had been preparing all his life for this final achievement.

           Swami Ramalingam established the fundamental principles of this philosophy. He says that the supreme Jothi granted him an elixir of wisdom to convert the mortal body into a body of light.

          Swami is now worshipped as the chosen one of the Lord sent into the world to guide humanity to the attainment of eternal bliss.

The advent of the Swami marked a wave of spiritual revival all over the world. He was born, when mankind had tired of materialism had turned their gaze towards the ultimate truth and goal of human existence.

Sri JothiShakty Ma