Energetic Amritham Therapy or EAT is the latest offering from Siddha Applied Science Institute. This is a unique and highly beneficial programme that is being offered to the world through SASI’s Diploma in Applied Science (DASS) students. In the history of mankind, for the first time, a very lucky group is going to be trained in the amazing Siddha art of Eneregtic Amritham Therapy. Kept hidden from mankind for thousands of years, this secret is now being revealed for the betterment of human race.
Amritham has been a target of intense focus in most of the yogic and spiritual literature. One of themost famous is the fight between Devas and Asuras for gaining it. For thousands of years it has been the ardent pursuit of many yogis and spiritual practitioners to tilt the pot of nectar and drink from it the elixir of youth and immortality, the Amritham. In practice, it needs a lot of divine grace to achieve the status of living off Amritham. God chooses only a very few lucky to be eligible for this. Siddhas however using their great wisdom has developed many techniques to unlock some potential of this Amrithakalasam (Kalasam = Pot) through a series of kayakalpa techniques involving mantra and medicine. These techniques can be used to a great success in total rejuvenation of the human system when done by properly trained and empowered Siddha practitioners.
Modern Siddha medical practice is a far cry from what it used to be in the age of the Siddhars. The dedication, practice and honesty needed in the practice of this medical form were lost to greed, fraud and easy profit seeking practices. SASI is trying to bring back the old tradition and in showcasing to the world that the real Siddha can be revived and the whole world can benefit from it. If we take a look at whats happening around us we can see that not only modern medicine but all kinds of traditional medicine are failing to stand up to the modern day health challenges. So what’s lacking in these. The divine content of medicine that was once an integral part of all medicine was lost.
The Energetic Amritham Therapy is a complete process which includes activation of Prana energy by opening the chakra and nadis, activation of secret chakras in sole of feet, varmam therapy to remove blocks and purify the body, administration of herbal supplements to induce kayakalpa process,activating sulimunai and cleansing the spine using prana, activating a secret chakra in heart and finally the activation of the Amritham centre. The whole process is broadly divided into two parts and the benefits thereof.

A. Medicine:  The medical therapy involves both internal and external wellness therapies specificallydeveloped by SASI after extensive research and it includes techniques to prepare the body to flow theAmritham energy without any blocks,
1.  The complete rejuvenation of the 72,000 nadis in the body.

2.  The purification and strengthening of the seven major chakras and minor chakras

3.  The purification, optimization and strengthening of the 10 vital pranas.

4.  Improveing vitality

5.  Optimally functioning physiological systems

6.  Slowing down/ stopping of ageing process

7. Increased life expectancy

8. Initiation of a cascade of process that could lead to youth

B. Cosmic Energy:  There are many secret chakras, nadis and energy centers in the body. Whatever is in “andam” (macro cosmos) also available in “Pindam” (micro cosmos). This means that, all the secrets available in cosmos is available right inside our body. Here the entire system of unlocking the energyof the Amirtham/Nectar for wellness has been incorporated. This involves an elaborate process of activation of chakras and nadis. The said activations are done on special charkas that only few in the world know. Some major and minor charkas are involved in this process. Starting from, the sole of feet, Swadisthana, Solar plexus, Heart and ajna forms the main channels of inner power or prana. This activation will bring huge amount of energy and also causes physical transformation. For e.g., just activating the charka in sole of feet, one will acquire instant power of skin and flesh protection from damages caused by metal objects and it can be proven immediately with a simple test. Similarly many advanced techniques are employed to unlock the system to receive the energy of the amritham.
This will create,
1.  A strong immune system, and a body that is able to withstand changes to environment

2.  A body that will naturally protect from any physical or metaphysical attack

3.  A powerful and dynamic aura that can protect, heal and attract all goodness

4.  A very healthy and youthful golden glow to the skin

5.  Stronger muscular and Immune system

6.  A rejuvenated and perfectly functioning central and peripheral nervous system.

7.  Increased resistance to toxic substances, be it environmental, chemical or biological.

8.  Increased resistance to harmful radiation

All these benefits are not just theoretical but tested and proven techniques developed at SASI. Today this whole process is gong to be taught to DASS students who will carry the work of taking this amazing therapy to the world. SASI creates the path for its students who are the torch bearers of Siddha wisdom in this age.