Birth of Swami Ramalingam

In a small village called Maradur lived a couple named Ramiah Pillai & Chinnamai. They were devotees of Shiva and had great faith in God. One day, a Shiva yogi visited their house. He was treated with great respect and was offered food by Chinnamai. The Shivayogi was very pleased with the courteous treatment given to him and while taking leave, he blessed her with some sacred ash (vibhuti) and uttered the following words, “ you will beget a son, who will be able to deliver the art of deathlessness, which will be a boon to the entire world ”. Saying this, the yogi stepped out of the house and disappeared. Little did Chinnamai know then that this was the event that led to the birth of the nineteenth century phenomenon, Swami Ramalingam. It is said that Shiva himself came in disguise of that Shivayogi.

Chinnamai gave birth to a baby boy on 5th October 1823 at 5.54 pm. He was named as Ramlingam. He was the fifth child to parents, after 2 brothers named Sabapathy & Parsuraman and 2 sisters named Unnamulai & Sundarambal. When the child was five months old, the parents took him to Chidambaram temple, the famous shrine of Dancing Shiva in Tamilnadu, India , to offer their grateful prayers and get blessings for the child. Marudur was about 15kms North-west of Chidambaram. As usual the priest lit the camphor and offered it to the Lord. It is said that child laughed and gazed at the light for few seconds. The secret of this laughter was later revealed in Swami Ramalingam’s own poems where he describes it as,

“No sooner the Light was perceived, happiness prevailed on me
The sweet nectar was tasted by me as soon as the Grace light became visible”.

To Be Continued…