My Energetic Experiences

When I attended the recent Jothi – body of Light Retreat at the Gunnebah Retreat Centre in Australia,I didn’t know what to expect as I had never been to a spiritual workshop or anything similar previously. Iwent to the workshop with the feeling that I wanted to be open and receptive, but also objective about what I experienced at the workshop and afterwards (this may be a result of my scientific background). I found the workshop very valuable, interesting and fun. I came home on a real high. Since the workshop I have been regularly doing the practices and meditations. This has built on what I learned, but I still feel very much a beginner. Most of my experiences have been mild and pleasant, but occasionally I’ve had much stronger ones.

One night during the Jothi expansion meditation I saw a bright light that grew bigger and stronger as I moved through the chakras. The feeling was like being alone in the middle of a sports stadium at night. When I focused on the heart chakra I felt as if the footlights of the stadium were turned on. As I moved through to the ajna chakra, it was like the lights in the stands came on as well. Then, as I focused on the crown chakra, it was as if all the spotlights in the stadium had suddenly come on and were glaring with brilliant light. For a few minutes I felt that I became one with the light, that my whole body was part ofthe light and glowing with the energy. I feel very positive about the workshop and everything since. Forme the whole experience is part of an important journey.


Weekend retreat…a little exhausting but very worthwhile. I noticed immediately after the weekend a greater ability to control my body temperature. I even went for a swim at Greenmount/Rainbow Bay on Monday with nil effect (previously my core body would drop and could not recover until long emersionin a hot bath). I also immediately noticed increased circulation in my hands and feet with red/pinkness and feeling of warmth.

I now complete a daily SSS to maintain this warmth, particularly the fire breath when cold.