About 12 years back, I used to do meditation daily for about 15-20 minutes a day. I followed that routine for about 2 years without breaking it. At that time I had some experiences like predicting few incidents, thinking of people whom I wished to see and they coming to see me within a day or two… etc. etc. But my meditation routine was broken after my marriage and slowly slowly I lost that habit.

I strongly believed in GOD, but not in people who are said to be spiritual masters or so called Swamys. I was forcefully brought to Pranasakthy’s retreat by my wife- that also only for the second day of the 2-day retreat. The previous day when my wife came home after attending the first day’s retreat, I had a big fight of arguments with her regarding attending the retreat. However by the end of that war, as it happens to most of the husbands, I agreed to attend the retreat of the second day. It was the day of Jothi activation by the masters. I also got the activation being a participant. I think Pranaji or Master Raj had touched my forehead while I was doing meditation-closing my eyes. I did not get any different feeling at that time. I also attended the Inner Power class that evening. By that time, I started noticing that my palm is hot and the heat is increasing. I did not give much attention to it. After the Inner Power session, as I was driving home, I was asking to myself- why the car steering is so hot ? I had parked my car in the shade and moreover the time is now 10.30pm. After reaching home, when I went to sleep, I noticed that both my palms are hot. As the way I usually used to sleep, I kept both my palms below my head and tried to sleep. But this burning sensation from my palms was not allowing me to sleep. In fact I could not sleep that night at all. This burning was there for the next 4-5 days. After that, it gradually vanished. May be my hand has become familiar to this temperature.

This experience changed my attitude. I realized that there is something beyond what I knew about Pranaji and Master Raj.

Just by touching my forehead, if they can ignite my palms, what is that secret power which gave me this experience? I had no answer to it. But this was the beginning of a change in my life. I wanted to attend the advanced retreat in Pune. But there were few problems with my job, money, my leave etc. But the circumstances around me changed and I could attend the advanced retreat in Pune, India -that also with my wife and our two children.

My experience with Jothi Meditation

Now I am doing the Jothi meditation daily. Along with it, the pranayama and Aayam energy meditations as well. When doing the Aayam energy meditation, I can feel the energy being filled in my body from my feet to head gradually, like filling a bottle with hot water. The body gets a feeling of heat coming up from my feet up to the crown and finally the whole body gets a warmed up feeling.

After that, when I do the Jothi expansion meditation also, I can feel my chest and stomach area becoming hot. This meditation had helped me a lot in controlling and reducing my mental stress and I am not much worried of things happening in my life.

One day, while doing the Jothi meditation, suddenly I felt as if I am going out of my body, up to the air. At the same time I felt a magnetic force pulling me towards the body. I felt as if I was going to get detached from my body and at the same time some force stopping it- like trying to separate two objects which are glued together. I got scared and immediately came out of the meditation. For few seconds, I went to an unconscious stage. I tried to recollect what has happened to me. After that incident, I was scared to go deep into the meditation. Now also that fear factor is not allowing me to do the meditation properly.

I told about this to Pranaji when he came to Duabi. His advice was that I am doing the meditation in the proper way. “And don’t be afraid of such experiences. Even if you go out of your body, you will come back quickly. Take out the fear from your mind and concentrate on the meditation.”

I really feel lucky and blessed to get a chance to be with great masters like Pranaji and Master Raj. Myself and my whole family are thankful to our masters for their influence in our life.


Shivji K.S.