NY – Malaysia is an awfully long way to travel to conduct a spiritual retreat, but for Sri Pranaji and Master Raj , it’s all in a days work. The two brothers, who live in Malaysia, are Spiritual Masters from the Siddha tradition. For the past six years, Masters have been traveling the globe in an effort to spread the teachings from their spiritual lineage which had previously been kept secret for Milena. Now, however,the Siddha Masters have begun revealing the once secret teachings to humanity, because, according to Sri Pranaji, “In order for the earth to survive, we need to reach a higher level of consciousness. The Siddha way makes this achievable in the shortest possible way.”

For the second year in a row, the two will be conducting a Jothi Body of Light retreat in the New Jersey region at the end of August. Sri Pranaji and Master Raj are living spiritual masters in the ancient lineage of the 18 siddhars, trained as master and guru in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga , energetic Tantra Yoga,Sufi, Advaita and others. They are the founders of the Pranashakty movement whose aim is to bring the gnosis of the Light to all seekers (www.pranashakty.org) Sri Pranaji said Panashakty’s mission is to spread the light to each and every cell in each and every body in the world. “This is the main reason we travel the world doing Jothi Body of Light retreats,” he said.

Masha Penson, a New Jersey-based psychotherapist who attended her first Jothi Body of Light retreat two years ago and has since become a facilitator and teacher, said the Masters and retreats they give, offer an unusual opportunity to learn and practice ancient energy systems that have life-changing effects on participants.

“I’ve been on a path of spirituality for more,than 20 years and have experienced many popular philosophies or traditions. Majority of them lead nowhere,” said Penson. “So many spiritual things have been corrupted by misunderstanding or a bad intention. My experience is, a real spiritual practice has to be received from the master. It is done through passing, through transmission, and then practiced by the student. It’s never about the intellectual stuff. What’s so unique about Pranashakty is they bring practices which really work and the practices bring changes instantly and forever. I’ve seen this happen over and over with retreat participants.”

“Jothi is light-not only Light, but also Knowledge, movement, splendor, luster, brightness, brilliancy and effulgence. The divine indwelling Light gives Illumination and consciousness to all souls,” explained SriPranaji. “During this retreat spiritual knowledge and practices will be shared, and a permanent connection between the cosmic body and the subtle body will be established. Chakras and nadi will be activated to initiate transformational changes in the physical and spiritual bodies. It will begin the journey towards manifestation of the Jothi Body.”

Other points to be covered during the retreat include:

1. Background, healing and transformational power of Jothi

2. Initiation and full training as Jothi and Ananda Siddhi Healer, and Sarva Shakti Sadhana Instructor.

3. experience of the direct transmission of Jothi.

4. receiving the powerful Jothi Cosmic Activation with the power to transform your DNA plus twoadditional dikshas.

5. Receiving the powerful Ananda Siddhi Diksha to infuse your life with Bliss.

Sri Pranaji said every participant will be able also to receive a Kundalini Shaktipat.

“Kundalini Shaktipat is a unique initiation, a way of permanently raising one’s energy no matter what spiritual path you belong to,” said Penson. ” It’s also a crucial step to take in order to start a spiritualjourney. Many spiritual traditions claim to awaken the Kundalini, but very few of them can do it.”

Also part of the retreat are the courses of Inner Beauty (for women only) and Inner Power (for all ). Course descriptions for both can be found at: http://siddhainstitute.com/courses. “Many people who have taken these courses say they have stepped into a new way of life, leaving their former selves behind forever,”said Penson.
Stacey Morris, a freelance writer based in upstate New York took the retreat last August and has been regularly practicing the spiritual principals put forth by Sri Pranaji and the Siddha tradition.

“Not only do I feel a greater sense of peace and inner contentment,” said Morris. “Friends and family(people who have known me for a long time) tell me that I have more of a glow and look younger. Having the Kundalini raised through shaktipath was like nothing I’ve experienced. That coupled with a few simple Siddha practices have dramatically improved my energy levels, sense of wholeness and wellbeing, and my life in general.”

The Siddha traditions date back to 5,000 BCE. According to Upanishad scripture, Siddhas are said to possess ‘super human powers of healing,’ and are considered to be holy saints who devote their lives to their spiritual practices, many of them sequestering themselves in mountain caves for decades in order to keep their practices pure and free from outer intrusions. The path of the Siddha has often been referred to as the mystical aspect of Hinduism, where practical experience and teachings from the ancient masters replace dogma. This is a journey beyond enlightenment when beliefs are abandoned and instead, experience and teachings and the sacred grace of the ancient lineage of Gurus serve to guide the Siddhar adept. For centuries Siddhars were at service to help people to grow and change,but only for those,who are ready for this!
Once people began experiencing the spiritual practices, word spread and demand for their teachings grew. Penson has assisted Master Raj and Sri Pranaji in conducting workshops around the world and says the resulting transformations are profound. “People of all faiths attend these workshops and benefit from them,” she said. “Even aetheists. I’ve assisted with workshops in the United States, Russia,Dubai, India, and Malaysia. Every time I see participants experiencing a deep level of spiritual experience,which could only be attained by years and years of spiritual practice. I’ve experienced and practiced many different spiritual traditions and teachings but nothing compares to this. I’ve witnessed people being changed forever. But these realizations come by practice only. One can get knowledge through reading, but the masters bring a practical way of deep transformation which is possible only through energy work, initiations, and revealing ancient practices.”

One of the most striking aspects of Pranashakty is the focus on seva, or offering of the high energetic gifts for healing with grace. Often in our culture, the trend to be Gurucentric dominates and the service is desirable, it is usually in under request of hierarchy, whereas, the Masters of this lineage see great importance in spreading the blessing through personally training individuals to be able to offer asconduit, the blessings of Arut Perum Jothi. There is no need for there to be a dominant figurehead, but openhearted individuals offering through love, the opportunity to heal their fellow humans.