Over View of the Training Program

10 minute x 44 days=40%memory improvement”

What is today’s system: There are many Memory or Learning skills program that has been conducted, but they are all basically based on technique or method teaching and totally dependent on students interest to practice. Most student’s, do not go back home and practice. This is not entirely their fault. It may be because of the over burdening from school, home work and parents focus on extensive tuition.

Siddha memory power empowerment is based on ancient siddha methodologies which has been modified and combined with modern technique’s to suit the current learning environment . Here, a complete understanding of the energy structure of brain and use of simple empowerment to enhance the memory component is used to achieve stable and excellent results.By using ancient system of siddha knowledge on brain science (Hatha Yoga, pranayama and diksha), we developed a proven system to help student.

Is this Relevant!!!!

Program for youth with specific focus on helping them to handle stress related issue from the current education system. The stress for high achiever had cost many problem being it personality or social . This program was designed with specific focus on how help to improve student’s memory capability. A equation of study stress of memorizing and spending huge time on study develops anti social attitude, that affects modern society.


Siddha Science is the Science of correcting the energy field. SIDDHA SCIENCE works on the basis of General Science and Energy Laws, e.g.

• Energy is responsible for every happening.

• Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be converted from one form to another or required form.

• Energy can be transferred and utilized.

• Every item in the Universe has got its own Energy Field and can be manipulated.

Based on concept above, Siddha’s have devised a system called diksha (activation or empowerment).  Here energy is used to modify the brain in a subtle way and reprogram the brain’s neurons to increase the memory power. This way, there is very minimum technique teaching involved and this system is more like a ‘Plug and Play System’. It very safe and with no side effects because it is totally based on a natural system.

Human brain has tremandous capacity to grasp information, store it and recall whenever needed.

We can broadly classify the memory as short term and long term memory. Every information taken goes to short term memory and as our mind chooses it to be importanat it is transferred to long term memory. If we choose the information is not importanat or we don’t like it, it is not transferred to long term memory.
So, its quite obvious that kids would be doing excellent in those subjects which they love/like.
With the Siddha memory empowerment program, the diksha & training given will directly transfer all the info into long term memory. And it will be easy to access that memory whenever needed. So it will be very useful in a situation like an actor goes blank in middle of drama due to tension.
This is done as the right brain and left brain will be balanced so mind will be functioning well in any kind of stress situation. After the memory empowerment training, maths was taught to arts students. Then they were given maths problems to solve. And the results were much better than that of science students. So even if we are not interested,  the teachings were stored into memory.

Expected Result of Training

• Improves memory  [LEARN MORE IN SHORTER TIME].

• Improves concentration.  [MORE RECEPTIVE].

• Improves creativity.  [MORE INNOVATIVE].

• Improves Athletic ability  [MORE TALENTED].

• Balances hormones  [MORE HEALTHY].

• Balanced use of right and left brain.  [BALANCE OF CHARACTER].

• Reduced stress level and balanced life  [BALANCED LIFE].

The Key a 10 minute practice for 44days will improve memory retention ability minimum 40%, this is what the core objective of this program.

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