A glimpse on the daily routines and practices of a Siddha.

In the last news letter we discussed about how Siddhar’s used various herbs and minerals to make medicines. We also discussed how careful a Siddha was in preserving the quality of the herb he collected. The Siddha’s also understood that prevention is better than cure and this can only be achieved by developing a healthy body, mind and spirit. For this, they practiced certain daily routines. This section of the Siddha way of life, would try to give you, readers, a glimpse of such practices as originally written in palm leaf manuscripts. Some of these practices, at a first glance, may seem unpractical today, but, be rest assured that these practices have practical equivalents in this world, if one is to seek. Thus has been our experience at the Siddha Applied Science Institute.

Wake up at the Brahma Muhurtha, the time approximately 2 hours before sunrise,

He opens his eyes and looks in the mirror to create in him vigour, mental strength, magnetism, and wisdom

Later he tries to see the Sun, a lit, lamp, smokeless fire, Shiv linga, sea, paddy fields, cow with her calf, lotus or ones own right hand, either one of these good omen, careful not to see any bad omens

Urinate with your left palm pressing the right lower abdomen and do this at least six times a day

Defecate with the right palm pressing the left lower abdomen and do this at least two times a day, so that your tridosha’s may be in control and make your inner fire burn bright as ever. Enjoy the freshness, alertness and sense of well being that ensues the one that practices thus

Clean your teeth not with abrasive powders nor with charcoal of any make, but with herbal tooth powders followed with tender mango leaves or many other leaves as prescribed by the Siddha’s.

The mouth is thoroughly rinsed with clean water drink enough water with humble remembrance of ones favourite deity.

Line your eyes with anjanam, an eye ointment and the lavage your nasal nasal cavities by the nasyam procedure to ensure a healthy eye and a strong head, neck and shoulder, and to remain free of respiratory diseases.

Massage your body with recommended oil before bathing, at least twice a week. Mena doth in on Wednesdays and Saturdays while women on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This would keep you healthy, and wise. Bless you with a strong body free of skin diseasesand a balanced tridosha’s. Troubles of the phlegm will leave you. Your five senses will be sharper and thou shall live long.  But be warned never sleep during the day of oil bath and never do one while your stomach is full or ailing.

Sleep on a bed made with fine cotton to enjoy the divine slumber ever peaceful and restful at its core.

Keep away from winds blowing through crematoriums and cemeteries, or the winds from the sea and mountains during rainy seasons

But spend much time enjoying the breeze flowing through paddy fields to get rejuvenated.

Always eat freshly made food and beware, never eat anything not of the day even if it’s the elixir of life, amruth. Drink water only after meals.

Never, sleep, eat, relieve neither bowels nor bladder, have sex, wash clothes, shave, and bathe during twilight. Nor should one get exposed to the dust and debris from animals.

These points are just a guideline for a healthy individual. Siddha’s have elaborated in detail specific instructions for people who are already striken by illness, on how to modify the above said routines to improve upon their conditions and bring their body, mind and spirit back on track. Nevertheless one can adopt these practices without any harm and experience a new healthy life unfolding before you.