Latin Name: Aristolochia indica

English Name / Common Name: Indian birthwort

Siddha / Indian Name: Isvaramuli/ Garudakkoti (Malayalam)


  1. Potent anti-poison
  2. Excellent Naadi Shuddhi agent
  3. Blood purifier

Isvaramuli is a native of India and Sri Lanka. These flowering climbers that are found to spread over trees and abandoned constructions. They have attractive leaves and flowers, often with bizarre colours or patterns. The drug component is often extracted from the entire plant including the roots. The roots contain the majority of the bioactive compounds. This plant is famous for being a potent detoxifier, especially with those toxins related to snakes, scorpions and spiders and has hence been used very much in Siddha.

This drug is consumed as dried powder, wherein the entire plant is washed clean and dried in shade and powdered finely. This powder is consumed during the colder seasons as a potent blood purifier. This drug cannot be used continuously but should be limited to a course of 2-4 weeks and should not be consumed during intense hot climates like the summer season.

It is documented that this drug alone can cure a majority of disease associated with various poisonous bites, whether it had created a visible symptom at the time of bite or not.  This single herbs has alos been prescribed alone for naadi shudhi or the cleansing of the naadi’s.


Direct application: The juice of freshly collected leaves and roots may be expressed out or the fresh plant material may be ground to paste and applied directly over scorpion stings, spider bites, snake bites etc.

Consumption: Powdered plant may be used for not more than a month under the guidance of a Siddha practitioner for various effects as described above. It is cautioned that this drug should not be taken during intense hot seasons.

The best effects of this medicine are achieved when consumed while fasting. It is also best if one can spend few hours by the paddy fields and enjoy the breeze there for best results from this drug.