Latin Name Aloe barbadensis Mill.

English Name / Common Name: Indian Aloe

Siddha / Indian Name: chirukuttali/ Kattarai/ Kumari


Eye-disease, tumours, spleen enlargement, lever complaints, vomiting, bronchitis, skin diseases, biliousness, asthma, jaundice and ulcers

A Kayakalpa herb

Kumari means “ A virgin girl or ever living”. In Siddha this plant has been extensively used for its properties, of being a quencher of over pitta, high body heat, heat due to spiritual practices, detoxifier, kayakalpa and for problems arising due to mercury poisoning. Siddhar Bogar has developed many herbal formulations based on Kumari for kayakalpa therapies. Kumari is also widely used to purify siddha herbs from thier over heating potencies. The potent kayakalpa effect by this wonder herb makes it a choice for SASI’s kayakalpa formulation, the ‘Yuva Nectar’. Yuva Nectar is processed with Aloe Vera with other herbs to enable trapping the suns energy to augment its profound rejuvenatory properties so that youthfulness can be restored.

The genus Aloe is widespread throughout the entire African continent, especially around the tropical regions. It is found as wild plant along the coast of South India. It is widely cultivated in fairly large areas many parts of India viz. Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat. This plant is of great demand in the cosmetic industry.

The flesh like gel part of the plant is to be used and is very effective for internal as well as external applications. Siddha texts have describe its use in Kayakalpa formulations.  It is bitter, cooling, purgative, alteratve, fattening, tonic, aphrodisiac, anthelminthic and alexiteric. It is useful in eye-disease, tumors, spleen enlargement, lever complaints, vomiting, bronchitis, skin diseases, biliousness, asthma, jaundice and ulcers.

Its is very good for the acne treatment. Aloe Vera’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe and reduces swelling and redness surrounding the affected region making your acne less visible. The Aloe Vera then moisturizes the skin helping to maintain skins natural pH balance.


Cleaning: The gel part is carefully excised out without any outer green part contaminating it. This gel is then washed three times in large amounts of water. The resulting gel is then used for external and internal applications.

Uses: The gel after  washing several is mixed with alum. The resultant oozing juice is an effective remedy for eye diseases. It is a very effective coolant and hence leghyam and oil can be prepared with this is an excellent remedy to remove Pitta or Internal heat from the body. Aloe gel is boiled to proper consistency with gingely oil and this oil is used for head bath to get good sleep.

Hair oil prepared with Aloe reduces ailments like headache and hair fall.

Gel can be directly applied on to burns to enhance healing.