Manjal (Mah-njal)/ Turmeric

The applications of turmeric in Siddha medicine is many and the effect of proper application of turmeric can bring about many cures. Kindly note that do not use powdered manjal available in packets unless and until you are sure that it’s pure. The best method would be to grind, dried manjal rhizome to powder as and when its needed.

The turmeric we are talking about is the turmeric used in cooking. There are other types of manjal, about which you read at the end of this exercise.

It is bitter in taste and energetically warm in nature and ignites the digestive fire.

Medicinal nature

· A potent blood purifier and a purifier it is with many effects.

· It is anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Hepatoprotective, Anti-tumour, Carminative,

· Prevents colon cancer, prevent Alzheimer’s disease

· Restores beauty, Cures skin diseases whether bacterial, fungi or parasitic.

· Use it freely in your cooking and forget many worries on cancer, ageing and skin diseases

· Add it to fruits while you wash them..soak them in manjal water, destroys all pesticides.


1. A pinch of turmeric in hot milk can cure sore throat, purifies the blood and improves the skin

2. As a liver tonic, potent, take it daily morning and evening in an empty stomach.

3. Raw manjal mixed with lime juice and salt will kick start your digestive fires.

4. Mixed with neem oil and applied on fungal infections of the nail or with cows urine and Adathodai (Adhatoda vasica) for skin diseases or with the paste made from the tuber of Korai Kizhangu (Cyprus rotandus) will cure eczema.

5. A paste made by mixing in water applied on wounds and ulcers heal fast. And on insect bites will neutralize the poison.

6. Powder mixed in water is good for an antiseptic bath.

7. Apply turmeric on a beetel leaf and eat to get rid of all kinds of water element associated diseases, runny nose, wheezing, cold etc.