Sandal wood – Botanical name : Saussurea Lappa

Sandal wood trees grow on hard rocky ferruginous soils and are richer in oil than those growing on fertile tracts. It occupies an important place in Indian ceremonial and religious practices.

Medicinally, it is useful in biliousness, fever and thirst. It is a remedy for prickly heat if applied externally in the form of paste with water or rose water and can also heal scorpion stings, inflames swellings, skin eruptions, fever, hemicranias, inflammation and headache.  It can also diminish the rapidity in heart’s action.

Some applications:

Gastric irritability or dysentery: About 22 grams of a watery emulsion of the wood mixed with sugar, honey and rice water should be administered in the treatment of such a condition.

Gonorrhoea: Take sandalwood paste mixed with cow’s milk

Prickly heat/ pimples on nose: Apply sandalwood paste locally

Abscess, itches and swelling : Ground sandalwood with lime fruit juice and apply locally

In summer, regular application of sandal wood paste on the body, especially for children has refreshing effect.