Jequitity (also known as Liquorice) is a popular flavoring agent. The plan it tall, erect and grows up to 1.5 meters in height. t has compound leaves, flat fruit and densely covered with small spinous outgrowths.

Curing powers:

  • Root is laxative and expectorant. It produces soothing effect on the skin if applied externally.
  • Sore throat : Small piece of raw Jequitity if chewed or sucked provides relief by soothing the inflammation.
  • Cough : Jequitity with honey can be given to infants
  • Myopia : Half teaspoon full of the powder of Jequitity root, mixed with equal amount of honey and half quantity of ghee can be given twice daily with milk on an empty stomach
  • Constipation : Jequitity powder with jaggery and water help in this condition
  • Stomach ulcer : Dried Jequitity root soaked overnight in water and the infusion taken with rice gruel helps in the cure of ulcer.
  • Muscular pain : Take an infusion of the roots soaked overnight to relieve chronic joint problems.
  • Wounds and scalds: Jequitity powder mixed with butter or ghee and honey can be applied on cuts and wounds
  • Dim eye sight : Grind the Jequitity in mother’smilk. This solution may be applied in eyes.


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