Service to children is service to God because you can actually see God in the children eye – Sri Pranaji

SMEP is taking great pace in Malaysia with the help of many volunteer teachers from schools across the country . Recent programs were arranged in Bandar Rinching Semenyih, Azad Tamil School & Rajaji Tamil School in Sepang Petani and Kulim.

Teachers have reported significant improvement in students overall performances. Detailed feedback will be published later.

The upcoming programs arranged in Malaysia and India as below:

  • Siddha memory empowerment and overview of Saraswati nadi Activation”
              Place :  5th World Siddha Conference, Persada International Convention Centre,
                              Johore Bahru, Malaysia
             Date :22nd  July 2012
             Time: 2:00 PM
  • Siddha Memory Empowerment Master Teacher Training (India)
             Place :  Chennai, India
             Date :  28th July 2012
             Time : 9 am to 6 pm
MASTER TEACHER of SMEP, is a free training program. Only  accommodation and admin charges is required.
Limited number of registrations left, plz book earlier.