Name : Tamil – Nochi , Sanskrit-  Nirgundi,  English – Five leaved chaste tree,  Latin – Vitex negundo,

Large shrub, tender parts grey pubescent. Leaf: Chaste tree’s distinctive feature are the pointed leaves with 3-5 leaflets in green or grey color. 5 leaf species is more useful.

Flower: Blue in terminal thyrosoid, grey pubescent panicle; Fruit: Ovoid drupes, 1 cm long black when ripe

Useful parts : Leaves, seeds and root bark.

Best Herb for pain releif.

Nirgundi is planted near the house so that wind flows from the plant into house which reduces all problems related with Vatha.

Anti inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic.

Medicine for rheumatic Arthritis. Remedy for rheumatic swellings.

It is useful in reducing painful swellings – make paste of  Karinochi leaves, add little turmeric and egg white – mix well and apply over the painful area.

Valuable in skin infection and oozing wound and inflammation.

The flowers are used in diarrhea, cholera, fever, diseases of the liver and are also recommended as a cardiac tonic.

Mosquito repellent – leaves are burnt in a heap which proves very useful to get rid of Mosquitoes.

It is used in traditional Sauna bath.

Postpartum treatments – Nochi leaves are boiled in water. This water is used to splash on the body specifically for women after delivery. This reduces the water retention in their body and the increased vatha .

It is also good for relieving menopausal symptoms.