Today, The Pranashakty Team stands very proudly with hearts filled with gratitude and joy. We announce with extreme happiness that Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI) has officially started its operation today. As directed by Swami Ramalingam, Shirdi Baba and Lord Ganesha, we were working hard to form a completely different system of natural medicine using ancient Siddha knowledge. Now, we are ready to start it. Through SASI, we will introduce herbal medicines with life…!

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Through SASI, Pranashakty will introduce Siddha Practitioners to the world who can understand the root of problems in patients by seeing the his/her energy. SASI’s practitioners will be spiritual seekers who understands the body, mind and spirit. Our medicines are not going to be just packaged herbal extracts but they will contain the energy of the herb that it had when it was a growing plant. All those lost secrets will be introduced to the world so that we can once again enjoy the complete healing right from the root of the problem.


Those who want to become SASI’s practitioners will be taken through initial spiritual training in Siddha Margam (the path of Siddha).  By the time the person finishes SASI training, he/she will complete advanced spiritual training and Siddha based training in medicine side. After the training, the person will hold a Diploma in Applied Siddha Science (DASS).

How to join

The course will officially start by end of October 2010. Registrations will start by early October. As this is the first batch, a special discount will be given.Please wait for next notification.

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