One of the joys of the Pranashakty workshops and retreats is witnessing the changes in each person during and after the activities.

They come to the workshop with many questions on their mind , many very tense from their work ,their problems and busy daily activities.

They leave happy, excited and full of hope after being gifted with so many spiritual ideas that are practical and workable in their lives.

The tense worried looks are gone, the skeptical questions have been answered. They are now following a new pathway to help them towards their divine destiny. This is something to which they can apply themselves and achieve.

Shirley is one of these people although never skeptical. She has lived a very disciplined life, but always on call for others, helping out to the detriment of her health. She has been a very brave lady, with no family support, facing many hardships over the years.

I invited Shirley to attend SSS classes. She then registered for two Healing with Bliss Workshops, a Mahalaxhmi Puja and just recently the Jothi Body of Light Retreat. She practices every day without fail and is feeling so well and happy, attributing this to Pranashakty.

She has twin daughters who are disabled .They are very difficult to manage and are aged in their late 40’s. They accompanied her to one of the workshops and really enjoyed it. At home when they become agitated, Shirley takes them through the Ananda Siddhi meditation with its wonderfully calming effect.

They practice the SSS with a CD each day and do the Ananda Siddhi meditation each morning. Shirley said it has made quite a difference in their outlook and also in their health. She was also able to network at the retreat, finding a counselor to assist the girls.

What a difference the Pranashakty teachings can make to our lives.

JothiKadal Ma

Acharya, Pranashakty International