Pranashaktys 2013 Advanced Samadhi Retreat with Masters Sri Pranaji  – A Journey towards Savikalpa Samadhi

The mind is our biggest enemy. Its main function is to keep you from not progressing spiritually. It can bring the most amazing logic and intellectual reasoning to make us confused, doubtful and rebellious. Many advanced yogis have also fallen because of this. The only thing that can save us is “bhakty,” because it becomes the beacon when we go astray. –Sri Pranaji

There we were once again, the site of Pranashakty’s first International Advanced Jothi Body of Light retreat from 4 years ago in 2009. It was incredible to be back. I was filled with peace and quiet excitement. Where are we? Lucky Valley, Malaysia. Lucky Valley is a most auspicious location, located within the ancient virgin jungle 210 kilometers Southeast of Kuala Lumpur.

Lucky Valley Retreat Center is nestled within 500 acres of fruit orchards, vegetable plots and herb gardens cultivated from the virgin jungle which still surrounds the retreat, and was founded by Directors who noticed that the unusually strong energy in the area could be harnessed for health and healing. The jungle was turned into a rich plantation of common and exotic fruits, medicinal herbs and organic vegetables.

The site in this valley is a portal of light. We can feel the Cosmic Jothi cascading down around our meditation within the central spiritual attraction in this valley –The Energy Magnetism Pyramid. Outside the temple, especially a night time, energetic light orbs can be viewed and photographed.


This was the perfect location for this year’s Advanced Samadhi (Savikalpa Samadhi) retreat. The first of its kind, in which Sri Pranaji led us towards deeper states of Samadhi. Each participant’s experience was unique, incredible, and personal on a deeply spiritual level.

The power of the Siddha tradition has become undeniable. To this date, one of my most incredibly blissful experiences occurred during Sri Pranaji Samadhi Breathing session. It was a great leap forward as far as spiritual experiences in my own meditation. As we were performing an energetic exchange by cycling a receiver’s energy through breathe and touch, without effort or desire, I entered into a deep samadhic state in which I did not breathe for many minutes. Of course, I do not know exactly how long, but an entire stream of energy opened up to me during this time. I had no need for breathe, no straining, no want. It was completely effortless. I was floating, free, having entered into a deep pool of bliss.

Then, what happened next, can only be describe in one’s soul – it is only one experience among many that occurs when a spiritual aspirant’s dedication, search for knowledge and bhakty bring forward the sweet fruits that come from the energetic possibilities of the mystical. It is up to each one of us to manifest through dedicated practice, our own internal experiences, which become patterns of energy on our souls, building pathways for higher and higher energetic traffic.

Retreat Experiences:

The retreat was spectacular, and a huge blessing for the 74 souls who participated in the event. The energy at the pyramid was incredible and I spent most of my time in there even during breaks. The pagoda offered intense energy as well. As always, Masters Pranaji  taught us great techniques to achieve our true, divine essence. The Siddhas are amazing healers who recognize the uniqueness of each individual, and as a result, designed a program to help each person achieve the disease-free body. The results speak for themselves. I would like to thank Sri Pranaji  for sharing the Siddha secrets with this world. — Jothi Swaroopee Advanced Samadhi Retreat Participant

Walking in nature at Lucky Valley one morning, I saw an amazing sunrise. I could not resist staring at the sun for awhile, and then I closed my eyes and I saw a very bright red light in the third eye, which then turned into turquoise, and changed again and became like a tunnel with red outside and turquoise inside! I felt like I was in Wonderland! — Retreat Participant

And throughout all this, these incredible energetic spiritual experiences, we enjoyed the serenity and heightened energy available to us at Lucky Valley, which assisted in recharging our systems for following sessions of meditation and energetic practices. We enjoyed tasty, fresh and organic Asian vegetarian cuisine and alkaline water. After each meal, we cleaned our own dishes, a tradition at Lucky Valley, the purpose of which is to “Erase the unhappiness hidden” within. How appropriate!

The Energy Magnestism Pyramid, built in 1995, is 21 meters tall, 900 square meters in area and topped by a stainless steel orb. However, it isn’t the only mystical structure on the Lucky Valley grounds. The Golden Pagoda, where we held chanting and mass healing sessions, is a two storey structure with a rounded roof on top of a hill in the middle of a mango orchard. The sound amplification is incredible. One person, standing across the Pagoda’s upper level, sounds loud and clear, as if using a high end microphone, to someone standing on the opposite side. There is a 30 acre placed lake… very calm and wonderful for conducting sun meditations. Most of the participants took an 8 kilometer guided jungle walk on our last full day at the retreat center.

Jungle Walk Experiences:

I went on the jungle trek totally unprepared, not knowing it is going to take 2.5 hours, without water, and in my flip-flops! Thanks to our fellow ‘trekkers’ (especially Jan who kept me alive sharing her small supply of water in the humid, hot condition) I actually enjoyed the tour. Such pure air, beautiful lush greenery… what a stunning path it was. It felt great to be in nature, even if the walk was challenging… I fell down into the mud of the river in my slippery flops…) now laughing, gladly remembering the beauty of Lucky Valley! – Retreat Participant

The jungle tour! I laugh every time I think about the jungle tour. Picture this scenario… before we leave on our adventure, Sri Pranaji says stay with the group and the guide because there are anacondas, tigers and bears. Those words reverberated in my conscious and then quickly disappeared. Since I didnt bring sneakers on the trip, I wore my flip flops and my white outfit thinking we were all going on a nice nature walk through the jungle. We went up hills and declines and yet I was able to keep up with the crowd in the 90 degree weather which felt like 120 degrees. After about an hour, my stomach started cramping and I knew what that meant. I had to goooooooooo… and go really badly immediately! I stopped for a minute, bending over and saying a prayer to the divine to help me stop this sensation, however Mother Nature was answering in her own way. People stopped and tried to help. My face was sweating and I was told it was white. There were people in front of me and behind me. If I went off the path I may never return to civilization because Sri Pranaji also said if you get lost, it may take days to find you. If it was guaranteed the anaconda would squeeze me and turn me into light, I would have gone off to do my business. However, with no guarantees all I could say was I had to go. Saint Dr. Maria came to my rescue. She ran through the jungle to see what she could do. She asked people to give me privacy and she put up her veil as a curtain (and just in the nick of time). Three piles later, I felt much better and relieved. A wagon came for us, there were 5 beautiful souls who stayed with me and we laughed the entire time on the ride back. We passed the love tree, which had heart apples, and brought 75 back for our sisters and brothers. We also passed an amazing lake. A beautiful guardian dog joined our adventure and he brought 4 of his friends to escort us back to the retreat. Saint Maria came every hour to see if I was OK and gave me coconut water from real coconuts. Apparently, our divine host climbed the coconut tree. Thank you for all the beautiful souls who helped me that day and for the divine leela, since I have a great story to tell at Thanksgiving dinner now! – Retreat Participant

Post Retreat Experiences:

After the retreat, now, how do we feel? Many participants report feeling waves of bliss and samadhi-like states during, and outside of, meditation. Participants report feeling totally content, having a feeling of bliss within, falling into deep states of awareness and stillness, and a deeper awareness of not having to compete with others, finding clarity in stunning ways, and the acceptance of others truly as they are, as being perfect.

Participants report using their awareness to release beliefs that are not congruent with their true, divine natures. Anger, hostility, fear, worry, aggression, and other limiting beliefs are ready to leave their bodies, so they may enjoy all of life in total peace, bliss and harmony!

The process of continuing practice upon return home has been an awakening. There is an enhanced clarity of thought and action…. purification, if you will. There is simplicity in comprehending feelings and an enhanced honesty as to any response. The result of which is very liberating and serves to maintain the blissful state. When negativity and old learned responses come to the surface there is a newfound understanding as to what they are and a gentle clue as to how to process and proceed. I trust that the continuation of practices and the growth that will come will give me the strength to blossom and that it will continue to show the path that our Master has set out before me/us. Arut perum jothi Retreat Participant

The integration has been very interesting…and yet…it is deeply trusted…and understood that whatever is unfolding is perfect. I am still going into deep Samadhi state. I don’t think I have ever been more peaceful or happy… and when old conditioning arises…I am very clear that it is coming up to be purified…fear is minimal... and drama… not very interesting any longer… I can face those whom I used to let drive me absolutely bonkers with a deep understanding and acceptance now… Retreat Participant

I am looking forward to my meditation practice in the mornings and evenings… it makes me feel connected to the Divine all day long, and I feel all the things I encounter during my day are the way they should be… as per Divine Will. Retreat Participant
When I close my eyes, I imagine myself being in the Pyramid in Lucky Valley and soaking up the energy from the crystal chandelier… such great memories still vividly living within me. Some days are better than others, sometimes I feel it is difficult to clear my thoughts… but sometimes, the energy takes me away and I have tingling experiences… yesterday my body went into a [kind of] spasm… I felt like I was hard as a stone… I see triangles a lot, and I also saw the Sri Yantra a couple of times – I guess it is because focusing on the 3rd eye brings me into the Cosmic sound of Aum… I am looking forward going deeper and deeper and longer and longer into the Yoga Siddhi practice. I am so grateful for all the Ancient Masters who left us this practice and to you our Beloved Masters for giving us the key to open the Divine Door! Arut Perum Jothi Retreat Participant

The practices are forcing me to make changes that are challenging yet are for my highest good. It’s like the Jothi energy has a sting inside that pokes me and gets me moving in the right direction. I can see clearly the truth… [And untruth]. The Kali energy inside me is rising like an elephant, pushing aside the weeds that must be cleared from my life… My soul wants to serve more and to be with other Siddhars. I feel Swami Ramalingam, just like I felt him when I visited Vadalur. I feel you too… God bless you & thank you for everything you gave us. Arut perum jothi!!! Retreat Participant

My experience continues to be one of a neutral mind. I seem to be just floating through life. The same desires, drives, interests don’t seem to entice me. It probably helps that I’m still travelling so I’m not facing familiar territory. It’s a strange space to be in because nothing anchors me – except this practice [Samadhi Siddhi Meditation given at retreat]. Retreat Participant

Non-interest is a feeling that is a precursor to Samadhi. Sri Pranaji