Mahaganesha Homa

Now, Pranashakty brings you a very special program to minimize bad luck and to remove negative planetary influences and other contaminated vibrations in your energetic system. These contaminated vibrations go deep into the mind and subconscious, changing your vibration, contaminating your aura, and allowing you, without conscious knowledge, to invite negative influences into your life.

The Purity Light and Life Improvement Empowerment combines diksha, energy, and ritual from the Vedic, Siddha and Sufi traditions, as well as modern Psychology, to instigate a breakthrough in the lives of those struggling with negative influences. After successfully completing this process, your aura will become pure white, and will create purity through it’s attraction. Like attracts like. Purity attracts purity… no contamination.

kayakalpa bodyThis empowerment process requires a special activation with a unique energy that vibrates to produce a pure aura. The power of this “energy,” helps to remove and neutralize bad/negative energies, psychic toxins, negative effects of astrological influences, the effects of the “evil eye,” etc. The energy and ritual components combine to negate the “bad star” hanging over you, and will help to improve your life in every way, including financial, emotional and relationship success.

The Vedic and Siddha systems both confirm that certain rituals help to make permanent changes in the energetic field and body over time. Why rituals? Because certain ritualistic systems require mind and body interaction, along with movement, in a realistic and practical manner, that assist energetic changes in becoming more permanent.

How is this program different? The one thing current programs do not achieve, is the removal of the imprint that is deep-rooted inside of you, which makes the clean aura, after cleansing, become contaminated again. The program we offer produces a cleaner aura that is more sustainable for a longer period of time.

There are many spiritual and self-help courses, workshops, and training programs that run for months, and even years on end, that have been developed by various “Life Gurus.” They produce a constant promotional dialogue by illustrating “proven” results by participants, publishing best selling books and acquiring millions of dollars through donations and private investors. Yet, only 1% of those attending actually achieve what is being promoted. What went wrong? How did such a beautiful course that was delivered after volumes of research, careful thought and sober discussion, produce so few results in such a small percentage of the participants?

The answer is: If your inner being has not been changed, none of the desired changes will ever be made manifest!

light 3Most people only change on a superficial level. You can observe that people are generally highly motivated after attending a motivational course, but this motivation only lasts 1-3 months maximum. Why?

If we desire to make real changes, we must do it from the inside out, not from the outside in. The changes should happen on a molecular and subconscious level. The ancient Siddha and Sufi methodologies combined with modern technology that are utilized in the Purity Light and Life Improvement Empowerment, have the means to make these deep, internal, permanent changes. Another bonus? It does not take days, months, or years to master.  It only takes a few hours to start cleansing your system, removing deeply imprinted negative patterns, and beginning your life anew… in purity.

Purity Light and Life Empowerment Outcomes:

1. If you had been doing well in life, and suddenly took a turn for the worse, this empowerment can reverse your luck and bring you back to your successful life path.
2. You will truly begin living up to your own ideals, ensuring the road to your own success.
3. You will begin to embody the ingredients required of sincere relationships; you can easily build and maintain them, instigating breakthroughs in human relations.
4. If you have lost self-confidence, it can be reversed, and your self-confidence can be fully restored.
5. If something is stopping you from moving forward, this empowerment can increase your motivation and help you to achieve the impossible.
6. You can make even your wildest dreams come true.
7. You can successfully lead others with confidence. You will generate respect and cooperation.
8. You will know the natural methods to handle financial crises; therefore, you can stop worrying about money.
9. You can manifest abundance in anything in life.
10. You will learn a technique that infuses the mind with total peace, clarity and creativity.


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