Full moon day special Jothi transmission

Full moon day special Jothi transmissions help you to take full advantage of nature’s high vibrations. Receiving Jothi on the day of the full moon will increase your overall vibration levels. Through this transmission, any spiritual aspirant can receive Jothi diksha (initiation) and those who have already received it can further deepen it.

Next full moon meditation Monday the 22nd of November.
Please visit http://pranashakty.org/jothi/weeklytransmission.html for details

Ananda Siddhi Pradosham Transmission

A wonderful and beautiful gift of Divine Grace : the Ananda Siddhi energy will be transmitted globally. This transmission will flow to the heart chakra of all living beings and will open the flow of bliss to the entire system and a process of transformation will begin in each and every living being on this planet.

Next Ananda Siddhi Meditation 3rd and 19th of November

Please visit http://pranashakty.org/as-event for details

Weekly Meditation for Jothi Body of Light Retreat Level 2 students

Meditate with Swamiji and Pranaji – every Saturday

Advanced Retreat

Pranashakty Team gathers in Pune, India for Advanced Retreat

This will be a unique and very auspicious retreat, as it will include a yatra (pilgrimage) to Shirdi Mandhir, the temple of Sai Shirdi Baba.  It will also include a very special event during this visit…. Details will be announced in a few days.