I am happy to share one nice healing experience.

Yesterday evening, my wife called me to inform that she is having high fever. Her voice was so low and she wasreally suffering. When I reached home, her forehead was really burning. She was almost shivering and I was a bit concerned.

I started sending ananda siddhi to all her chakras, starting from swadhishtana. I focused a little more in the areas where i felt (using hands) that energy is low. Altogether it took only 10 minutes to reach crown and by that time, fever reduced to half.

Then I started aura surgery. Removed -ves from where ever it was felt and sent Jothi to chakras. Sealed the aura and sent some more energy to raise her vibrations. It took only 10 minutes to do aura surgery. She was smiling and only a minor fever was left.

Then I kept a jar of salt water under the coat and sent jothi, asking it to fetch all -ves into the water.

Wow…! There was no trace of fever after 30 minutes of treatment. She started sweating…! Person who was shivering before 30 minutes was running to take bath due to heat. As she insisted on taking bath, I prepared luke warm water for her and she is perfectly fine now.

Sri Jothinanda, Acharya, India