“NCRP had been done in Tashkent for the first time and  it was successful!

We had 7 participants. We did it together, me & Sri Siddhi Jothi ma (Irina Yusupova), she was reading the text and I was doing the hissing  part.

What did they say after first part, all of them did not feel offence, spite… People from the past were just coming up and disappearing with smile on faces.

First part was easy and pleasant for participants, but sometimes the second part was even painful. People experienced physical pain in the body, they really felt the cleansing.

During the second part Irina was reading text, and we were hissing together. Participants were awake and  they were following  the text during the whole part.

About SSS in between 2 sessions of NCRP:

First SSS  ( Sarva Shakti Sadhana)comparing to 2nd and 3d was harder to do! The 2nd I did very long like we danced in Malaysia and Pune)) and participants danced, their energy level was really growing! During the 3d SSS some were feeling themselves like they don’t have weight! Like soap bubbles))

Our participants  really felt the  benefits of this program! Its not just relaxation or meditation, its cleansing and this cell cleansing works as wonder! We did 2 NCRP sessions in 3 days. It was on Wednesday, workdaystill people came, because many of them were waiting for such program life long! They said, we just came for the 1st time to try something new, NCRP is such a deep cleansing program, beyond our expectations..

Even after first session there were changes like one woman had incurable throat pain 3 moths long and it has been gone on the same day!

Another woman felt like someone was rummaging in her brain!

One guy felt physical body pain, but he says, its ok, he feels his body becomes younger and healthy and all problems in his body are disappearing.

All  participants are very much satisfied by this wonderful process.

Sri Lalita Jothi Kumari

During January and February 2012, we lead 8 sessions of NCRP. I felt the power of this Energy on the first session itself. Like a strong head of water flushes mud from the streets, also this Energy  cleanses old problems from the bottom of the humans body, they come apart and at the same time are neutralized by 18 Siddha Masters, sitting around us in a dense ring. First sessions were a little bit difficult, but then they became easier.

Most of the  people noticed all problems come out with no pain. Some people feel the strong pain in different parts of the body, but after finishing the process this pain disappears at once.

During the last SSS everybody feel lightness, great mood, happiness… they even want to fly…

Some people completed 8 sessions and want to continue the cleansing. They confess, NCRP attracts them like a magnet…

I am delighted with this Process. By leading NCRP sessions,  I am also getting cleansed. Once on the 3rd  SSS during pranayama I held breath and realized I don’t need  to breath. The bright light was shining inside of me, my body was filled with the bliss, I was enjoying the new state. It continued for some time, then my mind woke up and I breathed in…

This month was full of different positive and negative moments, but everything happened quite lightly.

I see happy faces after every NCR session – this is the best award for our work!

We thank Sri Pranaji, Master Raj and Siddha Masters from the ancient Siddhar Tradition for this wonderful opportunity to clean the body on the emotional and DNA-level as well with the aid of NCR, which is so necessary right now!

Sri Siddhi Jothi Ma


NCRP Participants experiences:

Valentina (1 session): I felt  that nothing come out from the first half of my life… But for the later part of life… the words: «Think of yourself at a mature …», – stired me fully up. I felt my soles were burning, there was spinning dazzlingly shining white Energy, which came slowly up to the 1st Chakra. Beautiful flowers rained from the 2nd Chakra. Then I felt strong vibrations in the chest area and Solar Plexus and at the same time I felt both cold and heat, and colics, and laugh… which was impossible to stop… Suddenly somebody came to me and began to work with my skeleton in the heart area and the upper part of back and neck… I heard the crunch of bones…

It was very lightly and pleasant in the second part of program. During several days I had ear pain. After only one  NCRP the pain disappeared. I’d like to thank our Gurus!

Ludmila (5 sessions): On the 1st session I felt my hands began to rise, but I was trying to bring them down. Then I stopped to struggle against it, my hands rose and the whole body became very lightly, airy. When I came back home, I felt somebody worked in my head and in the night I woke up often and noticed, somebody was still working with me.

First sessions were very difficult. I was afraid to let all my problems go, I thought “how I will live without them???”  A lot of past situations were arisen, a lot of pain, I felt uncomfortable, uneasy.

And finally on the 5th session I let everything go and all my problems went away so easy!!! And now I feel so good, so happy. I love everybody, I’m full of Light, I’m shining from inside.

Thank You to Sri Pranaji & Master Raj for such a wonderful Program!

Lutfiya (8 sessions): On the 1st sessions I felt somebody with a huge strength weighs upon me. I had the impression that somebody very heavy one is sitting on my back – to much load was gathered during all my lifes!

From the session to the session I became light. And it went away very easy: without bitterness and tears. Today I saw boundless field of camomiles and Gurus sitting in a round in a praying position, and in the sky there were different Devine Beings… I fell so good!!! Mysterious force pulls me on this program and I will attend NCRP.

Thank You DEVINE!

Lena B. (4 sessions): On the 1st session I saw my spine was silver color, inside was sitting chameleon and he constantly was changing his color. He was sitting exactly in that area, where sometimes I feel pain. Then I didn’t feel myself, I had the impression that I was laying on the airy pillow.

During the last SSS I easily did the “Fire breathing”, like I was born with it; then I didn’t want to breathe at all…

On the last session I was fully relaxed and I was in state of happiness “expanded in the time”…

Vera (7 sessions): It was very hard in the beginning, but I decided to go till the end. I felt pain in breast, legs and back… Then I felt lightness and heaviness in the chest area. Somebody came to me and drew a square on my breast, and the cross inside, which began to shine brightly… Then I felt somebody’s hands inside of my body, He was working with my heart… My heart was beating strongly…

On the last SSS during the “Fire breathing” I saw the candle lighted up. It glared with the Devine Light. I felt lightness, I wanted to fly…

I am thankful to our Gurus and I hope my life will be fully changed.

Gala K. (2 sessions): A lot of years I was trying to forgive my parents and I was the opinion, I forgave them. But today I was amazed by something going out of the bottom of my soul. When I was3, dad leaved us. I don’t remember him and I had no complaints. Then, when I practiced spiritual, I understood, that the child growing without father (no matter whether he died or leaved) considers him a traitor. I was trying to forgive him and today during NCRP he appeared in front of me and I asked him: “Why did you leave us?” I realized, this problem was with me during all my life and I hope today it has gone forever.