Experiences of the NCRP participants

Gulchehra (3rd session): I had a little sleep during yoga nidra, so my experiences are not as vivid as they initially were. There was a lot of bright light. I was more aware than during previous sessions of body vibrations, as if something was being ejected. I felt it all on a psychological level, peace, flight, and bliss.
(4th session): During the first part with the sound of water, waves of the ocean, I felt like I was resting in that ocean without sinking. At first, I felt fear, which then disappeared, and it seemed like every wave is washing me from within, every cell, thoughts, negative emotions – taking all the negativity away. Most importantly, I felt complete peace, fearlessness, and bliss.
My relationships with people are changing. I feel compassion and unconditional love.
(5th session): During previous sessions I was going through the process of forgiveness, I felt my dearest and nearest, parents, my late husband. This time I still felt their presence, but the forgiveness had already taken place. There was a feeling of mutual unconditional love, such peace and bliss, as if nothing negative ever took place between us. I sensed that it all took place in energy, and was simply manifesting into the physical now.


Muchtar (3rd session): I had bright light before my eyes during yoga nidra. I felt like I was levitating, no longer on the floor. It wasn’t a dream though, I was awake. Very pleasant sensations, complete bliss. During the first part I did not experience any negative emotions or hurt, I think I fell asleep then.

C.(1st session): as soon as the session started, I had an image of a small girl before me, feelings of  fear, vulnerability, abandonment and everything else connected to them started flooding in. In the end, there was such immense pain, now in my adult life. If as a child there was a feeling of vulnerability and being abandoned, in adult state it turned into the soul pain. I still have it.
(2nd session): I was in pain, felt like nobody needed me, and most importantly, I felt no love. I didn’t feel loved at the age of 3, 5, 7, like a child feels loved, never felt that. I was in floods of tears because nobody loves me. Was in floods again while reliving the school years – for some reason I felt loneliness. .. This feeling of being unloved followed me throughout the process. That’s why I am this way, as if I’m asking:” Love me, love me…”. I thought, this time there would be fewer such emotions, instead there were more. When I go home, I see it from a different view point, as if all is forgiven… I am not making excuses for these people, just telling myself that they, just like me in the past, do not know any better… Now I just want to give…


Nelya (2nd session): During and after the first program it seemed like nothing was happening. However, between the sessions I had various life situations and emotions I could not identify with surfacing. Well, today… basically, I have been having problems with my ears for many years, I tried everything  – healing, drips – you name it… Suddenly today I realised that it’s been a month since the first session and I haven’t been experiencing any problems with ears.

Jamila (4th session): I had a very painful release of blockages. I dissolved into oneness with all beings. It’s boundless, limitless, like infinity… that’s what I was experiencing. I could not feel my physical body, I was free from the material world. Didn’t know whether to be happy or… that kind of state. Then I felt joy… light… teachers arrived with blessings…everyone: Ramalinga, Ganesha and all family…, Parvati…mother Durga, mother Sita. A veil was opened before me, I saw them all in blue light, very tall… Basically, very good mood, feeling lightness, as if I released something… I really don’t know… I am happy and grateful to all spiritual teachers Sri Pranaji, Master Raj, gratitude and infinite love from my heart to all the teachers.


A. (third session): “My feelings after the process…”

After the course I feel like everything has cleared. I now accept people I could not  accept before, and suddenly understand those whom I did not understand and even found unpleasant.  My dreams are now filled with events related to hopes of a bright future, it’s as if everything became very clear. To be more precise, it’s a feeling just like in childhood or as a teenager, when one quickly forgets anything bad, and simply enjoys life, the sun, and just being alive…

My perception turned upside-down. It is no longer feeling burdened by the heavy load of problems, worries, and hurt. It is instead the feeling from a distant childhood, when one loves the world and one’s parents. There’s no hurt. It’s either gone, or on it’s way out. There’s a feeling of going further and deeper in that direction. It is all on the soul level, completely intangible.
Suddenly my home much cosier, and my daughter found a job which she is combining with her studies.
I didn’t feel anything in particular during the actual process. I only had a feeling I was in another country, even sensed it’s scent.
Thank you all very much, Galina, Sri Pranaji, and all our guides and gurus.

Sri Kamala Jothi Ma, Acharya Pranashakty International.


 Jill, USA

After my 4th NCR healing class, I effortlessly gave up eating meat, sugar, carbs and junk food. I again started to do yoga daily, to chant, meditate & live a healthy lifestyle. In 3 months of regular NCR healing classes with Masha, I am down 26 lbs. and I feel so much better & lighter. My acne is clearing and my energy levels are up. I have faith and hope. I’m peaceful & happy.

I also want to mention that in the last few months, I have taken as many classes as possible with Masha in NY & NJ: Inner Beauty, Inner Power, Healing with Bliss… Each seminar was healing, powerful & beautiful. The practices learned in them transformed me quickly, so much that I need to eat just 2 small meals a day now, and I am glowing & feeling radiant in body and mind.

Thank you Masha & the Masters for these beautiful gifts. Arut Perum Jothi!

The best gift that we can give ourselves are these Siddha Medicine enlightening courses. I strongly suggest starting with NCR healing classes. They’ll help you forgive yourself/others, heal, give up your negative patterns, live a positive, productive & inspiring life. Then take the other courses as per your intuition!