The NCRP sessions have been extremely rewarding to facilitate, and the participants have had a myriad
number of unique and powerful experiences. I have no doubt that we are all better for it. Thank you to
the Pranashakty Masters, Swamiji and all the Siddha yogis for bringing this practice to us, suitable for
the modern age and modern life.

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After the first session, one participant said she felt calm and grounded and was “in a good space.” She
felt stronger physically and at home afterwards experienced a “good exhaustion” in which she slept like
a baby. She experienced a very deep sleep, though up until then had been experiencing depression and
disturbed sleep patterns for the last month. She felt good, with a positive outlook, through the whole
rest of the week, which also was a big change from how she had been feeling.


She felt that old things began to bother her again during the weekend – By the weekend she was going
downhill again and experienced a great physical weakness, which is a chronic issue of hers. By Sunday
she couldn’t move.


However, again, as the NCRP worked its magic, she experienced the same wonderful lightness after the
second session, bringing her back into a positive state. She felt the Acharya’s “Shhhh” sound was really
seeming to go directly into her body on a deep level, entering through the head and going all the way
down the spine, activating energy centres along the way with the Jothi energy.


In the third session she felt a vibrating, as if all her chakras were revved up, and then suddenly, stopped
at the zero point. She had a moment of total alertness. Issues were released from her 2nd chakra around
her childhood and bosses from work. She was very tired afterwards but feeling positive, then felt a
shivering/cold type of energy moving throughout her entire body.


Another participant said she felt something come up in her first session that she didn’t feel completely
went away. She was wishing it would be taken away. In the second session she gave a small cry in the
middle of the session and “Whooosh!” just like that, she said someone or something came and pulled/
took it away, allowing her to have a big cleansing release. The Siddha Masters took care of her issue so
she didn’t have to bear the full karmic weight of the process of burning/releasing her samskaras.
She said that after the second session she really noticed more mindfulness in her daily life. She felt she
was more able to think and reflect before speaking in daily interactions and relationships, allowing her
to be more integral and true with her voice.


In the third session, she felt tons of energy and remembered only hearing the beginning of the process
and then she said she went away somewhere (she wasn’t sleeping but in a samadhi state). When
she started experiencing physical sensations again, she felt extremely hot, and felt little bubbles of
samscaras leaving and coming out of her system. She felt very good and positive afterwards. It was a
very physical experience for her this time.


She asked me how I was making the “Shhhh” sound. She didn’t realize I was doing it only with my
mouth and breath system. She said it sounded so complex she thought I had a musical instrument
making the sound. The sound is truly complex and is made through the combined force of all my
chakras and energetic system as allowed and guided by the Siddha Masters. She was astonished when I
told her I used no musical instrument.


In the first participant’s (mentioned above) 5th session she experienced a great transformational
healing. It was as if there was a layer of glass all around her like an aura, and a great noise occurred
as it shattered all around her just like glass. At first she felt fear from the noise and sensation of the
experience, and then something “broke free” and she experienced ultimate freedom… She felt good but
unattached, not emotional, and in a place of complete freedom.


This is the power of the NCRP – the zero point is our ultimate freedom, our divine destiny, our perfect
self, and the great Siddhas of the Ancient 18 Siddhar Yogi tradition of Southern India help to take
us there through this process. The process involves rooting out all our samscaras and scouring clean
our energetic system (chakras, aura, etc.), then infusing our entire system with Jothi divine light, the
powerful white light that cleanses deeply, at the level of our DNA, bringing us back to our original
blueprint, the divine pattern of our original makeup.

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Arut Perum Jothi.


“O Lord! Though has given me the power to perform five-fold universal functions so that the
multitudes of beings of the world shall get into the path of Light.” [12-1-789] – Swami Ramalingam, The Vallalar.


Sri Jothi Veeram Ma (Sara Kuhn)
Acharya, Pranashakty International