Nava paashanam is one of the most acclaimed Siddha elixirs known to mankind. Nava means nine and Paashanam means poisonous substance. In the destiny of human being, a dark hour has been written, a dark age, where people will suffer and die from many diseases never even known to mankind.  Foreseeing this impending doom, the Siddhas had assigned the Siddhar Bogar  to develop a process by which people who embrace God in the form of Lord Muruga will be redeemed of their afflictions and be able to survive this dark phase.

This news letter we would like to share the story of Sri. Bogar, a Siddhar famous for his contributions to the science of Kayakalpa, some other things for which he was famous like, spreading Siddha to china, description of Kundalini yoga and being the guru of Mahavatar Babaji.

There is a temple in south India, at Palani that is dedicated to Lord Muruga, the son of Lord Shiva. Bhoganāthar was entrusted by the siddhas to define the rituals for the worship of Lord Muruga.  Armed with his deep knowledge of alchemy, Bogar created an indestructible idol of Lord Muruga, to last this Kali Yuga, using nine Poisonous substances or Nava Pashanams to withstand the continuous rituals of bathing (abhishekam). He fashioned it out of nine secret herbal and chemical ingredients, which made it harder than granite.  The idol is still intact today and has defied scientists who attempted to analyse its contents. Even the strongest granite would not have withstood the test of time over these years with such continuous rituals.
Bogar being an adept of kayakalpa made the idol in such a way that when bathed with many substances, including milk,  pancha­amirtam consisting of five fruits and honey so that traces of the substance are washed over into the ritual offerings in which it is bathed. When the devotee consumes these offerings he gets a kayakalpa treatment as well as a boost in his/ her spiritual progress.

Bhakti is one of the strongest method to embrace God and people go to temples to do pooja to appease, beg forgiveness, show love, surrender themselves or for other spiritual goals. At time of great trouble when people loose hope in their own limited powers, they turn to God and to temples of God.  In temples people do pooja. So Siddhar  Bogar decided to create a very strong idol of lord muruga that would withstand the kali yuga to provide enough healing elixir to humans in the form of nava passhanam. He combined together nine different kinds of poisonous substances used in Siddha medicine (In Siddha medicine Paashanams are processed using very complex herbo-mineral physiochemical processes to render them medicinal and remove the poisonous nature) to generate super strong medicinal composite qualifying the two major criterias, durability and medicinal action. These two properties together gave an idol that had a sustained release of curative levels of the nava paashana into any abhisheka (A rituial of bathing the idol with milk, special fruits mixtures etc) used on it.  Anybody who would consume the abhiskeam done on the lords idol will get medicinal amounts of nava pashaanam and hence be cured of illness.

The depth and range of healing will depend on the persons surrender to Lord Murugan because, the Nava Paashanam is a Spiritual medicine prepared in a yogic process of potentiation with cosmic energy, achieved only by a sage of Siddhar Bogars perfection. Nava Paashanam will influence (a) the five sheaths (or koshas), (b) the nava grahas, and (c) the pancha boothas , of humans. It will also control the effect of nava grahas  and negate malicious planetary effects on the human system. Humanity has never witnessed any single medicinal preparation that could achieve this kind of total effect. Hence, the range and scope of its application in medicine and spiritual processes need not be elaborated but simply described in one word, as an elixir for all diseases, be it of the body, mind or spirit.