Preparing to Fly through the Grace of Shaktipath

Kundalini Shaktipath received at the Advanced Jothi Retreat in last December, all I can say is that, for me, the outcome is ongoing and moving at a very rapid speed!

I remember when I first started with Pranashakty in 2007 we were asked, by our teacher at the time, who introduced us Pranaji and Master Raj, if we wanted the fast track or the slow track.  Not knowing what to expect we all said the slow path.  Well, it’s all relative anyway because our development has been anything but slow.  I can honestly say my life has never been better since meeting both of them.  That’s not to say it’s been all bliss but Pranashakty has given me the tools to face challenges and dancing through them, with SSS, is my kind of therapy!  But we all know that the work we do with Pranashakty is simply not coping, it’s evolutionary.  And with any kind of transition there are always growing pains.

Receiving Shaktipat only accelerates everything.  Mind you, this time I did say to myself, I wanted as much as Pranaji and Master Raj thought I could handle.  That said, each person has a different experience and each time is different – as you’re in a different place in your unfolding.  I had done a lot of cleansing in advance of the retreat because I wanted a smooth and easy Shaktipat experience.  I knew about possible cleansing side-effects so I wanted to avoid them.  However, I had only been thinking about the physical and mental levels.  Happily my Shaktipat experience that day was wonderful.  I went into a deep meditation and I felt no physical or mental releases.  And the only image I saw, in my third eye, was a large, old-fashioned key unlocking a big, heavy lock.  I wondered what the lock represented but I really had no clue.  I only hoped that my throat chakra had been unblocked.  Regardless, in my heart, I did know that something had just opened up and it pertained to my potential.

Upon my return to Canada, I didn’t know what to expect in terms of how my life would be changed by Shaktipat.  Pranaji only said “your body will tell you so just listen to it”.  I do remember being exceptionally tired and having difficulty breathing.  At first I just thought it was jet-lag and the bad air in India.  But then I developed a rash on my neck/chest area and I knew it all related to my heart chakra.  It was trying to tell me something.  In relatively short-order, I discovered that someone very close to me was living a lie and deceiving me in the process.  The veils had been dropped and boy did I use my throat chakra to voice my concerns!  Amazingly my body knew something was wrong before my mind did.

As I mentioned, I was aware about the physical and mental cleansing effects regarding Shaktipat but I forgot that it also cleanses everything in your life – including your relationships if needed.

Suffice to say, I can appreciate the bigger picture so I’m proceeding with reverence and faith.  Shaktipat is a very special gift which purifies us for our Divine transformation.  Trust in it and it shall lead to possibilities beyond your imagination.

Difficult as transformations can be sometimes they are necessary so I’ll stay strong and remain in the Light.  I know we are an example for others to follow.  It should be remembered, that just when the caterpillar thought its world was ending it became a beautiful butterfly.  Such is powerful offering of Shaktipat.

With love & gratitude,

Another blissful experience of Grace

I have taken Kundalini Shaktipath twice. The first time I took the Shaktipath in Lucky Valley Malaysia.
The set up for the inititation was gracious to see. The experience of the Shaktipat is not expressable in words though. As masters did the Shaktipat, the kundalini raised through the spine to the crown chakra. I felt some golden fluid rising with high pressure through my spine and got filled in the brain like a mushroom.  I went into deep altered state of consciousness.

I got Kundalini Shaktipath again in Dubai after two years from our Beloved Masters. We had an event of 90 people attending the session. As the Masters came around me I felt their intense presence internally. As they touched the base of my spine, I felt intense heat. Where ever they touch the area was burning. But as I know it is divine healing work, so there was no resistance in experience. There was some areas of pain at the back. The Master touched and it got burned and permanently healed. After the Shaktipath, the Kundalini rise is happening in deeper intensity and always fills the brain completely taking me easily into altered states of consciousness.

Sreekanth Gopi

Acharya, Pranashakty International