Have you ever seen a disoriented spine becoming straight in 10 minutes?  I have seen it…!

Have you ever seen someone blowing off a burning candle just by a soft look? I have seen it…!

Have you ever seen a normal rock becoming a magnet just by a light touch? I have seen it…!

Have you ever seen small bubbles coming out of normal water while sending energy to it? I have seen it too…!

Surprised? You will be more surprised to know that those magical transformations were the first experiments done by students who received Inner Power Prana activation. These were only the tip of the iceberg and the potential of this activation is far beyond words. As Pranaji says, “Our mind is the only limit”.

The first experiment with Inner Power Prana method itself was an eye opener for us. Just after receiving the diksha, students were asked to sit in a row with candles lit in front of them. Pranaji explained the way to use the energy, lit the candles, and closed the windows to stop air movement.  It was more than a stunning experience when the flames started dancing, becoming unstable, shrinking in to a small spot of light and finally disappearing…!

In the next morning people were playing with the new power that they got. They were transforming normal rocks to magnets and steel needles were jumping on to it due to the magnetic pull. Our masters were cutting a banana without touching it and some rocks started emitting beautiful fragrance. The small hall became a wonderland while students were perfecting the art.

One person had back pain that was troubling her for years and could not find a solution through any medical treatment yet. The reason was her disoriented spine. We decided to try Inner Power Prana methods on her. In the first healing session itself, we felt the spine moving under our hands. Around 40 percent of the problem was corrected in just 15 minutes of healing. We did it again on the next day and the spine moved to almost correct position. We gave finishing touches on the third day and the spine came back to its normal position. We know that it is unbelievable for a reader. Imagine our situation while we saw this happening in front of our eyes…!

We saw flu being cured just by a sip of energized water and water emitting bubbles due to high energy field.  The abilities of AuraDefence students are beyond any limits and they can do a lot of service to the humanity. The world is truly blessed to have such powerful methods. As usual, AuraDefence is continuing to rediscover the ancient Siddha methods.