I attended my first Pranashakty Retreat in Cape Town, South Africa at the beginning of 2009. I was so ready! I went through all the spiritual teachings in books for many many years, but what I was looking for was something more unique, experimental and full-filling.

I was planning a trip to the Amazon Rainforest to meet a group of Shamans when I heard the call: Body of Light Retreat – in my own Town!
I was amazed. I’ve found what I was looking for. I felt it, heard it, saw it and loved it. The path revealed to me – and I learned about a whole new World out there. I knew it’s existence, but could not see it…
I experienced the power of meditation, the ability to reach to new heights, the beauty of one’s own inner dimensions and many more..
I was happy to connect immediately to that Light, which I was so looking for….

When I went home, the first “symptoms” of change in me came a surprise to me: it was physical. My relationship with heat and fire has changed. I never burt food before, but could not cook for days (and I am a good cook!)
I could not use my regular shampoo, I had to buy organic products because my body could not take the chemicals in those products. Food tasted different, I just felt different on a physical level.
The music from radio or cd sounded – and still sounds – like a live orchestra playing in my living room! I hear it so clearly, it goes into every cell of my body and resonates with my being.

On a deeper level, I felt healthier, happier. I was incredibly grateful for the Divine to invite me to meet Great Masters like Sri Pranaji and Master Raj. I still think years later, I received a gift. The gift was nothing else but a beautiful Golden Key. And I found the door!

Aruth Perum Jothi

About Kundalini Shaktipat

India was incredible. The Retreat is still in my heart, the whole trip to Shirdi – was a moment of Enlightment for me! I was a bit nervous before receiving the Kundalini Shaktipat, was not sure what to expect.
I was happy with the whole process after all. I closed my eyes and gave myself totally, into Divine Hands. The trust came easily, I felt comfortable and very free, I remember that clearly…

The most amazing experience came when Sri Pranaji guided a meditation in which, he transferred love to his “students” through a special sound. Since my hearing is extremely sensitive and fine, I felt every frequency you can possibly imagine, going through my physical body and into my cells. As the guided meditation came to it’s peak, I never felt anything like it before. I was in a pyramid, my heart went into a different dimension and I saw the Pranashakty Yantra – special image – and I was in the middle of it… it is hard to explain, but it was so beautiful, I started to cry.

The Pilgrimage to Shirdi to visit Sai Baba was the most special act of my life. As a woman from the “West”, I did not know what I was really doing, but trusted our Masters.
It was beyond words. Sai Baba of Shirdi, the Divine presence, the Temple, the ceremony and many more… the chanting, the singing, meditating under the Neem tree… all of that is still resonating with me, after years.
I close my eyes sometimes and I see the particles, which I saw in golden light falling from the sky in Shirdi, such Sacred place. I felt the love of the Divine and I felt blessed by its shower.
On the way home, out of Shirdi on the bus, I had a moment of realization and everything made sense. I had no questions, no answers, no feelings, no nothing. I felt as I was born that moment, that day.

Aruth Perum Jothi

With Love,