I am noticing that with each day my meditations are becoming deeper, with greater awareness, and increasingly more blissful. It is very difficult to express with words all that I feel during meditations and at my group workshops.

I am clearly aware of being guided and supported by Divine powers, by the Masters. My favorite is the Ananda Siddhi Meditation, which I do before going to bed at night – it’s like a Divine Gift, a reward, a communication with the Divine. After receiving Kundalini Shaktipat at the advanced Pranashakti Retreat in Pune my sensing of chakras is much better, of my own as well as of others’, also I feel the energy streams better.

The moment I start chanting the Ananda Siddhi mantra, immediately the flow of Bliss Energy is activated in all chakras, bringing joy and bliss, and I feel strong heat in the soles of my feet and in the palms of my hands. I literally feel the energy physically flow from chakra to chakra, reviving each one and raising its vibration.

During yesterday’s meditation, when I placed my focus on the heart, my whole being was overflowing with amazement, tenderness, gratitude, and happiness, and tears rolled down from my eyes, they were not tears of pain or sadness – they were tears of joy of connection with the Divine. My heart expanded embracing All that Was, Is, and Will Be. When I reached Ajna chakra – I simply became immersed in the infinite golden bliss of the Divine Light, dissolving in it with complete trust and love. I clearly felt the Presence of Swami Ramalingam and Sri Pranaji. I am not aware of how long I remained in that state; I did not want to come out of meditation.

I used to get colds and flue quite often in the past, usually a few times each winter, had pneumonia twice. After the advanced retreat in December 2010, and after receiving Kundalini Shaktipat my immune system is stronger, this winter was cold-free for me, even when many people around were unwell. With the arrival of spring I recently felt some cold-like symptoms, and expected them to follow the usual pattern. However, after a very intensive Jothi expansion meditation full of amazing experiences, during which my body heated-up and became filled with light, I woke up the following morning feeling completely well, with no traces of any illness. Another extraordinary thing that happened is – I no longer experience any pain in my knees after the retreat, as a result of all the activations and regular practice given and recommended by the teachers of Pranashakty Sri Pranaji and Master Raj.

From the moment of my meeting with the Teachers – Sri Pranaji and Master Raj – feelings of gratitude and happiness never leave me. I am grateful to Creator for realizing my dream of being in the presence of living Masters, to meditate with them, and to receive direct guidance and teachings.

Galina Djalal (Sri Kamala Jothi Ma)

Acharya, Pranshakty International