I just wanted to share this wonderful news with you. At the last Jothi Retreat in Australia Pranaji gave me and some of the other girls
double sided stickers of Shirdi Baba , told us that you bought them in Shirdi…. we were all commenting on the beautiful fragrance
they had. To me it smelled like the Arokia Deham….

In a dream I was told to give this sticker to Christina, a patient with ovarian cancer that had gone up in to her renal tract and stomach. Christina had been to Shirdi herself a long time ago…. It took a few months but finally one day she came back in to the collection room for a blood test just before I went to India. I told her that I had something for her…. I gave her the sticker of Shirdi Baba and asked her to smell the fragrance as it was still there but not as strong. I told her to imagine it going into her body and filling her body with the fragrance, I had a strong feeling this was going to help in her healing…. I then told her about the prema Diksha transmission that we were doing at Shirdi Temple and gave her the web site of Pranashakty….

On the Night of the meditation, Christina took part in the Prema Diksha meditation…. while  we were doing that meditation in Shirdi her Image and  another girl’s image who I wanted to pray for popped into my head. I asked for healing being for their Highest Good… well today I was at work and Christina rang me and asked if she could come into work as she had some news for me. when she arrived she showed me  a piece of paper her doctor had sent saying that she had no trace of cancer in her renal tract as well as her stomach. She was in remission…. she said to me that she believed it was the prema diksha that had cured her….. it was the best Christmas present ever….. I was happy for her….. miracles do happen… how blessed are we all to have access to these wonderful energies for healing…. oh and christina said that when she went to go back on the web site to look at prema Diksha that it wouldn’t let her on. The job was done.

Sri Jothi Shakti Ma (Helen)

Acharya, Pranashakty international