I just counted and yesterday was 21 days after the Mahalakshmi diksha. I had a couple of experiences while chanting her mantra. I started crying b/c I felt my heart expanding and felt this energy growing in my heart. I couldn’t stop crying while chanting and then I couldn’t move for at least 15 minutes. I could move but didn’t want to and I just felt so much energy in my body. It happened again the next night. I chanted the 108x 2x at night this time (and often during this period). Then next day I cried a littl-not as much. Last night didn’t cry but felt a lot of energy also but was intense and so beautiful. Thank you so much for these experiences and of course Sri Pranaji.

I don’t even know why I was crying really. I hope this means Mahalakshmi is now within me and she has answered my prayers. That’s what it felt like when this was happening. I was staring at her picture and felt like I had a strong relationship with her. The relationship just felt so strong and real as my heart started expanding. i had been asking for her to come into my heart and then I felt like she actually did. She finally heard me. Still don’t have the manifestation but I feel that I will. I am feeling humbled by this experience. I am feeling like crying again just thinking about this again.

am sooo grateful! Am crying again. thank you!!!!

– Pranashakty student,

New York