Every spiritual aspirant has to go through some inevitable stages of development, no matter which path he follows. Those stages are common to every human being because our energy system and spiritual bodies are similar. Kundalini awakening forms one such event that forms the start of a elaborate and complex process of transformation. After the awakening, the aspirant is never the same. He gets access to many aspects of reality and his true nature, since then development happens automatically.

Even though all teachingstalk about Kundalini and asks the student to prepare for the awakening, only a very few spiritual schools provide practices that are directly related to it. Kundalini Shaktipath is the most important of such practices and obviously the most soughtafter by an aspirant. The Kundalini energy is present in every human being and practices lead to it are independent of tradition, belief or religion. In fact, it is the right of every spiritual body to get initiated to such a practice.

Pranashakty offers Kundalini Shaktipath to all

Pranashakty has been receiving many requests for Kundalini awakening from spiritual aspirants outside the Pranashakty lineage. Since then we were working out a way to guide these spiritual aspirants properly without affecting their current spiritual practices and belief systems. Finally, we have succeeded in developing a system that is neutral to students of different spiritual traditions. We are now ready to help the world with Kundalini Shaktipath. An aspirant can receive Shaktipath from Pranashakty and still continue to do his previous practices without any attachment to the Pranashakty lineage.

Who can receive?

Anyone who follows a spiritual/energy practice very seriously and is above 15 years of age can request for Kundalini Shaktipath. After receiving the request, we will analyze the person’s energy field to make sure that he/she can contain the energy of shaktipath. Usually the preventing factors may range from deep emotional blocks and traumas that may be released after shaktipath. Some of such releases cannot be handled by the person alone. But such situations are seen very rarely and most of spiritual students are ready to receive Kundalini Shaktipath.

After Shaktipath

After receiving Kundalini Shaktipath, the person can continue to do the practices that he had been following. But, for a certain period of time, the person will be asked to follow some simple breathing practices that adjusts his/her nerves and energy channels to handle the Kundalini energy. These practices are not related to any systems (not even Pranashakty’s system) and are needed only for a certain period of time. He/She can do his regular practices along with these breathing exercises.

Myth and Truth

There is a widely spread belief that Kundalini shaktipath raises the Kundalini itself. But it is not true. The process of Kundalini Shaktipath raises only some energy of Kundalini to your crown. This helps the person during the original awakening of Kundalini (means when the full Kundalini starts moving towards the crown). During that stage, the body understands the energy very well (as it is familiar due to Shaktipath) and Kundalini’s journey becomes very smooth.

Some very important points:

  • Kundalini Shaktipat will not provide instant enlightenment. Pranashakty does not find joy in selling the word “enlightenment” or either achieving it without doing any practice. All our great siddhars and rishis have done years of practice to achieve the supreme state. We believe that shaktipat is NOT the end. It is just a beginning of a journey.
  • Regular sadhana (practice) in the path chosen by the person whether it is siddha path, karma yoga, gnana yoga, dyana yoga, kundalini yoga or any sincere spiritual path devoid of ego will lead to enlightment.
  • We give Shaktipat only up on the request from person and are in no way obliged to give it – even though will do our best to honor it.
  • A guru dakshina is inlvolved

How is the Shaktpath done?

  • Pranashakty’s way of doing Kundalini Shaktipath is through direct transfer method. The guru touches the physical spine starting from the tail bone to the end and also guides it through the sahashara and spine.
  • If any block is detected in the person, the guru may adjust the corresponding chakra but this will be done only on case to case basis.
  • A simple procedure with breathing need to be followed during the shaktipat process that will be explained to the student during the process.

Some changes that are observed during shaktipat

  1. Hot or cold sensation due to the activation of Mooladhara chakra.
  2. Heat or prana movement through the spine during the lifting process.
  3. After awakening, the sadhak may feel any of this or some of he following symptoms.
  • Heat or cold in the body, spine, or head.
  • Spinning of crown chakra or color in Ajna chakra
  • Some energy crawling sensation under the skin, feel of loosing strength
  • Extreme joy or bliss. Some times extreme sexual feeling due to the awakening of mooladhara chakra
  • Body will have a feeling of shield formed, sometimes the person may get abilities like, protective skin, clairvoyance or healing power increased many fold.

Regardless of sensation or feeling, the Shaktipat will be completely happen. Descriptions about sensations are just some guidelines for your understanding so that the person doesn’t get distracted if it happens during the process. There are many cases where nothing is felt during the process but the Kundalini Shaktipath will be complete in such cases also.