Full moon day special  Jothi transmissions help you to take full advantage of nature’s high vibrations. Receiving Jothi on full moon day will increase your overall vibration levels. Through this transmission, any spiritual aspirant can receive Jothi diksha (initiation) and those who have already received it can further deepen it.

Transmission times are same as that of weekly transmissions and this also is a free service.

We invite every one in the world to receive Jothi. Please spread the message to every one around you.

Please register for the weekly activation through http://pranashakty.org/register.php

Procedure for activation:

Procedures will be mailed to you after registration. Please contact us (pranashakty@gmail.com) if you do not receive the instructions within 24 hours after registration.

Full Moon Transmission Calendar for 2011:

Date Day
19th January Wednesday
17th February Thursday
18th March Friday
17th April Sunday
16th May Monday
14th June Tuesday
14th July Thursday
12th August Friday
11th September Sunday
10th October Monday
9th November Wednesday
9th December Friday