I feel so happy to share  my experience and my notices while observing the members of the group including 5 people – Ludmila Alekseyeva, Arman Turgunbayev, Lubov Sergeyeva, Dina and Aisulu Sataevna – both the advanced spiritual seekers and the new ones.

The Jothi 1 retreat was delivered during two days and included two parts – the Chakras’s activation along with the Ananda Siddhi practice at the first day and Helium activation during the second one. And the goal of that retreat was to deliver the Ananda Siddhi energies to people who already have practiced the Sarva Shakti Sadhana (SSS) and had healing experiences as well.

Being prepared to the course I still was thrilled and appealed to my guru. The answer came immediately: “Everything is going to be very simple” and I remembered the guru’s instructions to deliver the programme step by step and felt myself as if I was encouraged then.

While practicing the SSS – pranayama, dynamic exercises, “Om” meditation, an intention – I noticed the varying levels of sadhana among participants due to difficulties during the “agnie breathing”. Some ladies were suffering and that practice caused pain in their bodies as well. Despite them Arman was breathing rhythmically and deeply, a flow of prana passed through his body easily and it radiated a vital energy.

That practice of pranayama filled my body with energy and while doing the dynamic exercises the spoken words began to sound with greater depth and power, as if they went through my consciousness, being transformed into the other levels of vibration. My body resonated with these increasing flows of energies, full of joy, causeless laugh and awareness of the Divine Presence. While moving in his/her own space the participants together composed a single dance being governed by those energies. Their faces expressed admiration and smiles reflected their internal state full of joy and bliss.

During the “Om” meditation suddenly everyone was immersed into a sound of silence, a state full of emptiness and stillness. Some of them felt heaviness in his/her body and did not want to move, keeping staying in silence.

During the chakras’s activation and Ananda Siddhi practice I noticed that some of the participants were in the state of deep trance and didn’t hear my voice. I had to control their return back to bodies. Every participant experienced the state of peace and bliss.
Ludmila Alekseyeva had an interesting experience during the Helium activation. First she felt a cold stream of energy going through the center of her palms and her body began growing and became lighter and lighter. It continued growing beyond the physical body until she felt it disappeared at all. I saw her face radiating joy and bliss. Arman felt a hot flow in his palms, Dina saw Lord Ganesha of small sizes in her heart who started growing and blessed her by touching her head with his trunk then. Every face was radiating bliss and I felt joy, peace and lightness due being in Presence of Divine Grace.

I would like to express my gratitude to Gurus and Pranaji.  My belief has been growing in the service to my guru and my heart is full of peace and Love.

Prabha Jothi Ma

Acharya, Pranashakty International