Jothi stretched forward from the retreat to meet me weeks beforehand, bringing somepositive ‘coincidences’ and a sudden and distressing health problem that required lifestyle changes, changes I had already made but realised I needed to implement more effectively.

During the retreat, I enjoyed the contrast between different types of activation and activities, quiet and still, energetic and noisy. And the warmth, love and personal care of the Masters especially, and Acharya and other students were great.

Jothi stretched with me after the retreat, especially apparent about a week later, bringing physical sensations of energy, emotional release and realisations during Jothi and Ananda Siddhi practice, extra energetic help, and, most importantly, love starting to regrow in my drained and needy heart.

I am now in the midst of energy shifts, not always seeing corresponding physical changes, but knowing that the energy shifts are moving my being forward in a very positive way, finally freeing me from the pain of a deep emotional trauma, enabling me to start to face the future.

About two and a half years ago, soon after the trauma, I felt twinges in my right foot. I realised that, in reflexology, the place of the foot twinges corresponded to the vertebra behind my heart. I mentioned it to my massage therapist, who has worked in the area of that vertebra ever since, as she could see it was not aligned – until a few days ago, the first session since the Jothi retreat and subsequent energy shifts,when she said she no longer needed to work on it, as it had re-aligned.

Arut Perum Jothi has been at work for a long time in my life. For many years, Light has been of supreme importance to me, and I was delighted to find a second-hand book of  Thiru Ramalinga Swamigal’s amazing poetry about Jothi in another country some years ago, not having previously known of him. A close friend sent me information about a Jothi retreat in her country during a significant time in her and my life last year, as she knows my love of Light, although she is not involved in the Pranashaktywork. This sent me on a search to find a retreat in Australia. I am so grateful to Arut Perum Jothi thathas stretched without regard to time as I know it, through Thiru Ramalinga Swamigal to the Masters, to grow more strongly recently, enabling and supporting these much-needed changes in my life.

– Rosemary Mattingley – Australia