On 3d of July we (Sasha, Irina and Galina) lead Jothi Body of Light Retreat 1 Level. There were about 25 participants. So, we all together created very strong field of Energy!

People, who feel or see Energies, told us later, it was fantastic power!

Most our participants have been already initiated Ananda Siddhi Energy. When we initiated Anand Siddhi after doing SSS and Chakra Activation, we felt very strong flow of this kind and lovely Energy! It’s a great pleasure for us to work with this Energy! Its so powerful and soft at the same time!

One of our participants, Pure Soul Anjilika, saw bright light and a long path of light during Anand Siddhi initiation. 3 man figures were going on this path towards her! She couldn’t explain with words, what she felt on that moment! If we will call it Happiness, its just the smallest part of her feelings! If we’ll call it Bliss, its just one thousandth of her cosmic experience!

Another participant Gulnara saw our Master, putting on her Yantra pendant (the Australian one)!

After Anand Siddhi initiating and  meditation our participants tried to feel it, how Anand Siddhi Energy heals emotional and physical problems. And they were surprised, because it really worked instantly!

Then was time of Helium Activation. Energy flew very strong through our palm chakras and participants felt it, because after a short while they time began to put their palms on the heart chakra. ( as per instruction participants have to put their palms on heart chakra after they feel the energy) As they told us, they felt hotness in palms and in body.

In general, people were more than happy and satisfied! We saw their glowing faces and were very happy too! Because it’s the biggest happiness, when you can share knowledge and skills, which were given to you from your Masters!

-Lalitha Jothi Kumari & Siddhi Jothi Ma,

Acharya, Pranashakty International