Welcome to the October 2012 edition of Pranashakty newsletter.

Month of October 2012 was very important for all of us. It was time to meet again during the Advance Jothi Retreat, special Acharya training and the Interim Certification Program for DASS students.

The introduction of Siddha Thuriya Meditation (STM) is one of the key development in the month of October 2012, a simple and fast way to achieve the higest state in meditation. Specially trained  Pranashakty Acharya will be able to transmit this to the mass.

Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI) also successfully developed the “Siddha Kayakalpha self empowerment program ” through 29 graduate of the 2012 Interim Certfication Program(ICP). Siddha Kayakalpa self improvement progam is another simple and practical way to bring the ancient kayakalpa science which was only available to rich people, now in reach of everyone .