The Atma is in the form of a Jothi within us. But we imagine that the soul is that within and the physical form contains it. Only Jothi is real. Be the light is from oil lamp, mud lamp,silver lamp or gold lamp..light is the same but container varies. so light the lamp inside and be in light that are same in everything..human,animals,plants ,earth or cosmic. Experience the Jothi today – Sri Pranaji


Welcome to the Pranashakty newsletter’s  November & December combined edition.

November 2011 was a milestone in the history of Siddha Institute.  We witnessed, our dream of spreading the ageold secret  knowledge  from the Siddhas to the world, is being manifested. The first ICP ( Interim Certification Programme ) training was successfully done.

Now we have 31 qualified EAT ( Energetic Amritham Therapy) and wellness therapist from all corners of the world. These therapist learnt and will use the secret Varmam knowledge for the wellness of   mankind. They will be doing the Energetic amritham therapy and help many to regain the healthy body.

The yearly advanced Jothi retreat was conducted with another powerful siddha therapy NCR ( Neuro cell rebirth). Inner Beauty & Inner Power Master teachers training was followed after it.

We are immensely happy to announce the  special siddha medicine for diabetes and the Yogic nectar for keeping a healthy and fit body.

Pranashakty and SASI  wishes all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.