Welcome to the May edition of Pranashakty Newsletter. In this edition we continue to talk about the scientific facts behind an amazing bracnh of Siddha, called Varmam. We would also like to share a few facts about Sandal wood and latest advancemenst in Cosmic Energy based herbal formulations. Some of the students have shared their experience during Kundalini shaktipath and their regular practice andhealing with Jothi.

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Pranashakty’s focus is on SEVA – one of the pillars of spirituality as taught by Swami Ramalingam and Shirdi Baba.  Seva and Karunai – these go hand in hand!  Verses 977 and 978 of the Sacred Jothi Hymn (Jothi Agaval) writted by Swami Ramalinga says :

O Supreme Being!  Thou hath stated : ‘nothing is possible without compassion; therefore spread the goodness of compassion’.

The whole universe functions on the fulcrum of love and compassion. Without this grace, not even an atom can move; therefore every activity of the sentient being should be based on the spreading of compassion towards all living things.

Pranashakty Team