Welcome to July Newsletter


Beyond all religions, there is someone called God…

Beyond all nations, there is something called Humanity…

Beyond all distances, there is something called Love.

Let that Love bind us together. Let the Pranashakty Team express our love to you by healing your body, mind and spirit.

Welcome to the Pranashakty Newsletter, July edition and welcome to the greater Pranashakty community of Jothi Swarupees!  We are very excited to deliver this communication to you, right into your inbox!!  Our mission is to transform the world through Light. And our mission is to spread the Light to every single human being on this planet. Pranashakty is guided by Spiritual Masters and Adepts on the inner planes and we have been given the instruction to spread the message loud and clear!  So here we are!! With an exciting newsletter filled with news about miracle healings, events, interesting discussions and articles. We will give you the information and the knowledge and we will make sure that you are kept up to date and that you stay informed.

In this edition we continue to present Swamiji’s life history, feedback from recent retreats, personal experiences of participants and upcoming events. We are very pleased to share experiences from our Acharyas and participants from across the globe. Also, Siddha Applied Science Institute has offered Scholarship for new DASS students…!

Wait for the good news :
SASI is collaborating with Malaysian government to make Siddha treatment as one of the main stream alternative treatment. Also talk are going on for including it in university curriculum.