February month had been an eventful month and also very divine as Special Mahashivratri meditation was done across  the world by all Pranashakty members and many other.

NCRP sessions, Inner Beauty, Inner power, Healing with Bliss & Mahalaxmi diksha events are being regularly done in many countries by Pranashakty acharyas and Inner power, Inner Beauty teachers.

Many students of the first ICP training program for DASS  course  are practicing  the pulse diagnosis and the therapies they learnt during training.

We are happy to announce, the inauguration of Pranashakty Vallalar Mandram and Siddha Applied Science Institute center at Trivandrum, Kerala. Its open for all daily, weekly meditations, workshops &  Siddha treatments.

Also there is special video on the Yogic Nectar by Filipp Penson…what a wonderful creative effort by him capturing in visual format the greatness of Yogic Nectar

Lets all put more efforts together,  to reach more people and let everybody get  benefit by Siddha way of life.