“My believe is, less talk more action because only action produce result..similar also in spiritual, people who read book and talk are not going to  experince anything versus the one do actual sadhana” – Sri Pranaji

May 2012 has been very eventful  Pranashakty. Many Retreats, Kundalini Shaktipath, Siddha Memory Empowerment programs, teachers training for SMEP, Healing with Bliss, Inner Power, Inner Beauty classes happening around the world.       Jothi is growing and glowing day by day in all parts..

Daily Anand Siddhi and Jothi Meditations, Sarva Shakti Sadhana, weekly Mahalaxmi Pooja and Diksha, Siddha wellness treatments and therapies, Inner Beauty and Inner Power courses are being conducted at the Centers located in New York (USA) and Trivandrum (India)

In this edition, we share the beautiful memories of retreats happened all over the world and siddha  herb tip.