Diploma in Applied Sciences (DASS) by Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI) is a tribute to the Siddhars of south India, their unparalleled contributions to mankind and their ageless wisdom.

DASS –  is a 3 year diploma course in which theory part is delivered online and practical part is delivered through direct workshops. This way of training is set to help students from any part of the world.

This year the practical training, the Interim Certification Program is arranged from 16th to 25th October 2012 in Penang, Malaysia.

The main focus and highlights of this year ICP  is mentioned below.


Take home, amazingly simple but, highly effective skills

A potent combination of Spiritual energy, Herbal Medicine and Varma Kalai

Students will be  Certified Siddha Therapist-EHV(Energy, Herb,Varmam) after successful completion of training.

Varma Kalai

Varma Kalai is a science based on the vital points (Varmams) in the human body  and their intrictae network systems called nadi’s. The life force energy or prana flows through these channels and gets stored/boosted at the said vital points or varmams. Any imbalance to this flow can cause diseases. This flow has many levels of governing capacities on various vital activities of human body. By manipulating this flow one can destroy or heal the body in an instant. The act of restoring or damaging the vital flow can be achieved by applying varying pressures directly on to the varmams or through intent and prana. Varmam points are located in naturally protected areas in the body and gaining access to these locations is a heavily guarded secret. Martial arts varmam employs strikes and locks to apply pressure to these varmam points to stun, immobilise and even easily kill an opponent. In healing, varmam is accessed through massage of these points and through stimulation of nadi’s to  in a defined pattern to re-establish, stabilise a smooth flow of prana. Today very few people actually teach the real, locations, technique of approach, and the degrees of manipulation of these points. Quite simply a wrong, method of stimulation or even a wrong direction of massage or even a wrong amount of pressure applied can not only be useless but may cause serious blockages leading to manifestation of serious diseases in the long run. This ICP focuses on teaching, stimulation of varmam points to cure 15 commonly encountered diseases.


Siddha Herbals

Herbal medicine (Thavara Maruthuvam) is one of the therapeutic approcahes in the Siddha System of medicine. This years ICP will discuss the use of universally available herbs in treating 15 commonly encountered diseases. The training would include, skills in preparing the medicines, methods of processing and how to adminsiter them.

Applied Cosmic Energy

This years ICP will train you on application of various spiritual energies in healing the body, mind and spirit and also its combined application in medicine. This year you will be trained in Navapaashana energy, Neuro Cell Re-Birth process, Energetic Amritham and Applications of Prana.

NCRP – is a profound healing therapy taking place on the molecular level of each and every cell of the body, allowing for a deep emotional release at the cellular level which triggers a powerful transformation and regenerative process affecting body, mind and soul. No healing therapy can induce permanent change unless each cell, each DNA strand, of the body is affected and purified, or brought to “zero”. Most mainstream alternative therapies today do not achieve this level of purification. NCRP works to cleanse all samskaras, or deep impressions and karma-inducing agents rooted in the mind, from the patterned makeup of each cell.


2012 ICP Highlights


1) Memory enhancement

2) Migraine

3) High Blood Pressure

4) Stress

5) Menstrual Pain

6) Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

7) Obesity

8 ) Arthritis

9) Angina

10) Hyper/ Hypoglycemia

11) Haemmorhoids

12) Asthma

13) Immune Diseases

14) Blood circulation

15) Impotency

With varmam , energy,herbals and NCRP..you become powerful siddha vaidya for all the above said disease.


Please register before 15july to Srijothimalar@pranashakty.org or mashapenson@gmail.com